Turnbuckle Wrestling Simulator - It's a new beginning!

Turnbuckle Wrestling Simulator - It's A New Beginning!

TWS is starting over! Better interface, better graphics, more user-friendly! This sim is going to be a sim for the people and BY THE PEOPLE! Just e-mail me the following information on what you would like in the game by answering these questions and on Haloween I will post the final features based on what's most popular!

1. What type of sim would you like?
Regular, Career, Promotional, All

2. What type of interface would you like?
Profesional, Graphical, Niether

3. What kind of input do you want?
Mouse, Keyboard, Both

4. Name 3-5 features would you like in the game?

5. Guess my favorite number to be one of the beta tester(1-50)?

My e-mail address is: twssimulator@yahoo.com