Health Occupations Students of America
Health Occupations Students of America
What is HOSA?
HOSA is a nationally affiliated organization whose mission is to promote the education and welfare of its members through service and competition. As a member of the HOSA chapter at Texas Woman's University, you will have the chance to participate in health related community service events, listen to speakers in various medical fields, compete in state and national competitions, and have a chance to win HOSA Scholarships.
As a newly chartered organization at Texas Woman's University (why no one chartered it before us is unfathomable), each member has the opportunity to mold the future of the organization. HOSA is one of the largest organizations of its kind, with over 67,000 students nationwide. Since its conception in 1976, it has gained great levels of respect from the medical community, which will give you a valuable advantage over competition in the job market. HOSA also allows its members to become acclimated to the health care environment before spending the time and money to earn a degree in a certain field.
How can I be in HOSA?
If you currently attend Texas Woman's University and are interested in pursuing a health related career, then you can join HOSA! Dues for the club are $25, which goes to pay state and national affiliation fees, as well as the cost of your t-shirt. Make sure you have your dues to one of the HOSA officers or advisors by our third meeting, which will be October 29th.  That gives you a whole month to come up with the money, so don't say we didn't warn  you! If you would still like to be in HOSA but can not make this deadline, please talk to one of the officers and we will make individual arrangements if necessary.
If you would like more information about HOSA or are interested in becoming a member, feel free to contact us at .
Next Meeting:
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7:00 p.m.                                                                   12:20 p.m.                S.C. 006                                                                     S.C. 111
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