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Welcome to my "West Wing" fan site!

Well, instead of having my traditional Quote of the Month in this space I've opted to make an apology. Due to unforseen circumstances, I've been having problems with my Quote of the Day emails. I'm trying to work out the bugs (it's a little easier now that I can get to my computer again - don't ask :) ) and I am hoping to have it back up and running soon. For everyone who has emailed me since around the beginning of September or so, I have received the emails, and I have them on file so I can add you ASAP. For everyone I added to the list before that, don't worry. I am hoping to get them back out to you soon! I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Meet The Staff Of The West Wing
Indepth information on each of the main characters, and a few other people hanging out in the West Wing.

Quotes and Episode Guides
My specialty, quotes, quotes and more quotes divided up by episode with a brief synopsis of each episode, including a cast list.

Wisecracks And Nicknames
A fun look at some of the zingers these guys say.

Ed And Larry Sightings
Which episode was the start to this dynamic duo? Here's where you'll find out.

A few other sites that you may enjoy.

Why the Cookie Jar?
An explanation.

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