Twyla Fae's Wonderland



Twyla Fae's Wonderland

Enter The Land of Enchantment
The Land of Faeries, Angels, Unicorns
and all Enchanted Creatures

Searching for enchantment
Around me everywhere
Eyes are sparkling brightly
Watching as they stare

Unicorns are flying
White against the blue
Painting beauty in the clouds
Magnificent this view



Laughter muffled softly bellows
From places everywhere
Hearts of such persuasion
So aware that they are near

Twirling in the moonlight
Fairies sparkle happily
Dancing on the gentle breezes
Light this world for me

Wings are flying hearts are caring
All with great delight
Fill my senses full of joyfulness
Gathered dreams so bright

Come and join me in this pleasure
Captured in this trance
Lightly playing on my senses
Enchantment heart's romance.


Poem Authored by:
Francine Pucillo
@used with permission






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