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~*~Welcome to The Land of Twylyte~*~

Make yourself comfortable and step into my world.

I will be working on this page continuously, so any suggestions will be much appreciated. Of course this will all probably change, but for right now I am going to leave it here. Don't you just love these graphics? If you want to use some awesome graphics for your page go to Rachel's Page. She is my best friend and I looooooove her! So don't forget to go to her page and check it out. You can also email her at e-mail She is an awesome person and is going to help me with this page.

I made a webpage freshman year, but seeing as how that was four years ago, I don't remember anything. Also another site if you are starting your own webpage is Lissa's Page This website makes everything really simple, and has everything you need to know about html and other techniques. So give it a visit!

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