update 11.03.04 @1:48a
I actually intended to be in bed (I am) trying to sleep (I'm not) by 1:30, but we can all see that that didn't happen. I added the second two parts to D&T (ss2) today, as I found the errant files. There was a floppy hiding on the computer desk, but I got that all taken care of. So there is now a section eight as well as a section nine to this short story. It's been edited (Nikki said she still wanted to do it, yay!), so if there are any other major editing issues, I can just fix those as I go, as I usually do. I added an author's note page for that particular short story, which I hope to do for all the serial stories, once I get them posted up here. I fixed a few minor coding issues, as always, and that is the end of my update! Blessed be. -L

update 09.03.04 @1:01a
I still have as yet to find the last few bits of D&T (ss2) that I typed up. They're not saved anywhere that I can find, and I don't have them in my mail, so I'm just going to have to pray that Emi still has them so that I don't have to retype the entire set as well as try to remember the small revisions that I made as I was typing. ::sighs:: Why am I such a putz? 9.9 I've emailed her, and should find out later in the day. It amuses me that, two years later, I am back at twenty poems. That's what happens when you take the sucky ones away. Wee...-L

update 09.03.04 @12:04a
I've yet to discern if Nikki still wants to edit for me- if not, oh well. I have to ask around to find out who wants to be notified when I update. If you're reading this, let me know kiddies, alright? -L

update 08.03.04 @11:58p
First update of the year... And it's in March. That's pretty pathetic, in my reckoning. Though I haven't updated in a very very long time, probably over a year, so what can I really say? With that, I've added four poems, and done a little bit of housekeeping, so to speak. It's the biggest update content wise in about two years. ::laughs:: I'm sure everyone will be so very thrilled. I have written many many things that can be going here on the site, it's just a matter of gathering them together and posting them, is all. ^~ I do still plan to post the image of my previous layout, that's still in it's .bmp stage, however. -L

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