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This Layout

Ah yes... My layout. :D This is the part where I explain where I got things, why I picked this layout, what I think I'm doing next, etc etc. ^^ The fun stuff. Yup. So... I should probably get on with it. The bubble graphic on the first page came from Blackat. The star line came from SKY, who is wonderful and makes awesome things. Yes. Urm. The big dragon thing was a picture by Ellisa H. Mitchell from my Witches and Wizards clipart cd. I blurred the edges of the pic, did an edge-burn filter, and added the text... Not hard :) The lines are the first four lines to "Over At The Frankenstein Place" off of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack... It's one of my favourite songs. Ah... What else... Everyone will notice that I have a CPS banner, that's a copyright-protection clique sort of thing ^~ The other thing that people might notice is the Unicorn Jelly link, which is a wonderful webcomic that everyone should read. They just celebrated a year, and their 400th comic. Wee! Anyway... The bubbles go pop! when you hover on them... They do! Go try it! It's cool! ^^ All of my layouts are black for this site, because, well, just because. It's a tradition. And I like black. So... The reasoning behind the layout-- I'm almost obssessed with this song. It's my favourite off of the soundtrack, second only to "Science Fiction Double Feature", and it's also the song that I chose to sign for my end of the year project in ASL. Awesome awesome song. Look for it online, or IM me and ask for it and I'll figure out a way to get it to you, or, if you're one of my RL friends, you can always ask to borrow my cd... Yes, I will part with it. I always have the Broadway soundtrack to listen to, you know. ::grins:: I felt that a light blue and yellow on black colour scheme would go well with the song, maybe I can post the lyrics later ((I'll link it on this page if I do ^~)) and you can read them and get what I'm talking about. I like the small font, because I think it goes well somehow, and I really like the uniform colouring and simple layouts, as opposed to all the colour and business that the old layout was like... The bright colours, and the rainbow quotes pages. Heh. Emi's page, is, of course, still purple and green. That's not going to change, well, just because. It's something to go along with that this account will always have quotes, always have black backgrounds, and always be fun to work with. And that's that. And Emi hasn't called me back on the other line yet.

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