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About Me

I can't see, for the life of me, why anyone would want to learn about me. ~.o
But since I'm so egotistcal, I'll do it anyway.

Contact Info:
AIM} blueP494N
MSN} elizabenton@msn.com
Neopets} liselle_tenilh; twyndragons; vits; yaoigoddess; evil_chikin; blueberryraven; aqua_rat; holiday_giver
email} twyndrgns@yahoo.com

Other websites:
Literary Haven-- my writings site... Soon to have a new layout!

I'm 18. I finally have my permit. I'm dating someone new, and it's been hard getting here, but I'm so happy that I don't care.. My friends are mostly insane, probably driven to madness by little old me, because things like that are contagious. I'm addicted to the internet, and I can be found on the computer if I'm not at school. ~.o I love bright colours, and I'm nosy, loud, and nosy. Yes. I love to sing, and I've been in choir forever, and I was getting better! But the I had to stop choir for this semester because there wasn't really anywhere I wanted to sign up for it. It won't be the same. I'm a drawer, a doodler-- I'm starting to even like the things that I do. I like meeting new people. So talk to me already!

Lizzy-Bear {Crysta}
Liz-E-Kins {Aaron}
Lizzy/Lizi, etc {Most everyone, once in awhile}
Twit {Mike. Goober!}
Poppet {Emzi}
Elizabeth Matilda {Emzi's mummie}
Kimmy's Twyn {Myself :}
Dweebling {Dinai}
minkey {Mibi}
lizziebet {Mibi, Nikki sometimes}
There are more... I just can't think of them... Oh well. ^^ If you want to know anything else... which I'm sure you don't... Contact me. I don't mind, really. Even if you want to tell me how odd I am. And I don't suppose Elizabeth Matilda counts as a nickname... But that's alright.

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