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Quotes from people who should probably know better... And from those who don't know that I'm recording the things they say. ^^ -- from adults

Most commonly known as the serious quotes. -- from thought

I'm so evil }:) *cough* I mean... Things that I write down because they're funny. Or very very stupid. My friends say a lot of stupid things... ::smiles innocently:: -- from everyone 1 * 2

People do silly things... Like letting me single them out and give them their own quote page. When will they ever learn? -- from Crysta

Kimmy~Sue! Where are you? : Have you any new wonderous quotes for me? -- from Kimmy

It's the Blond One! Run in fear! Eep! >_< Hehe. -- from Aaron

The insane one is in. Oh yes. Nutty as a squirrel stash. :) Also a constant supplier of things-that-people-say-that-Liz-finds-amusing. :D -- from Mari-Bess

What would I do without her? She fuels my quote page! ::grins:: Love you! -- from Emi

Probably the most embarrassing page in the site collective. ^~ No one's this stupid, right? Wrong! :D Please don't hurt me for being saying derogatory things about myself... -- from me

Quoteses from Emzi's trip to Hawaii. :D -- hawaii Gods, there are a lot of them... These are from Aaron's trip to Europe *cough*bastard!*cough* -- europe This page is the most embarrassing-for the reader. Click for something obscene. But not now. -- from few?

A wonderful wonderful friend of mine has an awesome collection of quotes. But you shouldn't need incentive, you should visit his site because he's magnificent and because I said so. -- the link

Renaissance quotes and lists are soon to be posted again, but for now they are non-active. I need to sort through them. ^~ -- ren faire * lists

::says like a tour guide:: And over here we have the sound bites... One from Crysta and I, and the other from Emi and I, respectively. ^^ -- Crysta * Emi

I may possibly post some IMs, but who knows. The ones with Dinai may be intersting... ::grins and ducks:: -- ims?

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