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This Month at Without the Box:

November 2003:
19th * Wee, it's been awhile. Oh well. Don't have much planned for this site for this month... Going to work on my writing site. Notice this is what I said two months ago, also. 6_6

September 2003:
1st * My gods, I ask, where did august go? And they tell me, you've been screwing around, where do you think it went? And I say, oh. And don't bother them again. O_o Right at this moment I am doing a massive site update, and will start working on the mailbox, as well as adding a few ims. All I have to do is take out / change some of the screen names. That is all, so far. Oh, the vulva page is put off indefinitely... I'm going to work on my writing site for awhile.

June 2003:
23rd * Okie. Going to get the vulva page up... Going to make a separate page for the spooge conversation, and either make the eggplant convo go with that, or have it's own page. Anywho. Got a whole bunch of quotes up, like I planned to. Yay me!

May 2003:
1st * I'm actually planning on doing things... Really. I've already done a good majority of crap. :D I'm hoping to continue finding quotes, continue parcelling out sections and reduce the size of the pages, as well as to see about IMs and that vulva page... ^^ I'm looking forward to being back in the groove! Also contemplating a site design change, but that probably won't affect this site. I'm fairly sure it won't, because I adore this layout. So. ^^

January 2003:
dec 28th * Hey, what's the point of even trying to say that I'm going to do anything this month? ::shrugs:: There isn't! ^^; I hope to add some quotes to my baby though. I think I'm going to concentrate more on writing this month, and working on one of my other websites. But mainly writing, I hope. Now... If only I could find my IB notebooks... Any of them... ;.;

September 2002:
27th * Gee... I don't think I'm going to get much done this month... I'm really trying to concentrate on building two new sites, and redoing the layout on two more, so... ^~ That'll be on top of my to do stack, as opposed to my first born here. See you when I see you.

June 2002:
24th * Why hello... I can't even tell you what I'm planning on this month, because I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. Oh well... I'm hoping that I can get more quotes, vi da, and other things... ::shrugs:: Mostly I'm going to try for serious quotes, because there are a lot that I have, but haven't posted. Yep.

May 2002:
11th * Well, here we are... a new month, with new goals. Or not. Let me reread last months first ^~... Well, I didn't really say anything about goals per se... More accurately I rambled on about what I had done previously. ::grins:: I still haven't added the "something" page, which I was hoping to have up at the end of last month. Damn. I want to get the mail archive up, but that's a very long-term project on my part. ::let's out a deep breath:: I have nothing else to say, really, except that I'm hoping to get more quotes... They've been very low lately. I need to go through the IMs from the past month, I've gotten a few that way 6.6 But hopefully everyone is pleased so far with the quote, unquote, new site. I'll post more for this month as I think on it.

April 2002:
8th * As we can see, I did a complete rehaul of the website. It's still functionally the same, content-wise, but I gave the site a new face. In the coming weeks there should be a few more add ons as I try to reduce the amount of space the site takes up. For the moment, I am pleased with the graphic non-intensive layout that I have. As I continue planning and adding onto this particular site, I'll also be working on a few others to put into a collective-- fiction, writings, little things that I've made, &c. As of today, I don't have the something page up, nor do I have links, or many other pages. I'm building the site offline to make it so that I don't confuse anyone- but mainly to make it easier on myself. I can set everything up and don't have to deal with enquiries, nor do I have to be ashamed of a sloppy looking site that has broken links and messed up html everywhere. Building it offline also means I can have my leisure with it, and don't have to hurry. Besides this and the--possibly two--other sites that I want to have in my collective, I have a friend whom I haven't spoken with in ages--we're planning on using her wanting to build her site as an excuse to catch up and spend as much time as possible talking to each other. *muah* I love you Dinai ^~ Anyway... I still have to finish up converting the quotes and such stuff, but that I shall save for another day, because it's quite late, and I need sleep so I'm not more of a zombie than I normally am. [edit.] Plus, I can catch my typos and some of my spelling errors! Wee!

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