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update 20.11.03; 11:29p
Yeah... It's been two months since the last update... Not too shabby. I thought it was longer than that. Updated Liz, Emi, Mibi, Aaron, Everyone, & created two new pages, Europe & Hawaii from trips that people took this year. Sorry it's been so long... Aaron's been leaving me death threats. ^~

update 01.09.03; 10:59p
Dum di dum. I have updated these quotes pages: Liz (5+), Mibi(4-ish), Emi(3/4), everyone(5+), adults(1), Crysta (1/2), & Aaron(I THINK it's his quote...). I have also brought up to date the layout and about me pages, as well as having to take down the something page because I have no idea what it's issue was with not showing the pictures. Right. That's about it. Oh! I added my goals on the this month page, also. Have fun. Or something. But don't come whining to me! Well, actually, do, if there is a problem, but...

update 21.06.03; 9:34p
Well, solved that Aaron problem. I have a shit load of quotes from Crysta's party, so I shall be typing those and sorting them accordingly. They fall under everyone's, mine, Mibi's, Lauren's, Aaron's, and Crysta's pages. Enjoy! ^_^

update 1.05.03; 6:32p -- non posting
Like hell I'd be putting this up at 6:30 in the morning, lol. Anyway. Started making pages offline... Can you believe that Aaron doesn't have enough, technically, to have his own page? There are only 4! I have to remedy that, and I swear I'm missing a few things that he's said recently. Oh well. Started Lauren's page, as well. I'll have to ask Erika if she wants a page, lol. I'm done for now, because what I want to be doing is layouts, but I can't do layouts because I don't have a scanner. Fluffy bunnies. ::grumbles:: Whole bunch of autre chose, aussi. Did the split with the conglomerate. Just finished Ty's page. AS we can see, I've decided to make this an update because I really did a lot, sort of. Hehe. Enjoy.

update 25.04.03; 10:53p -- non posting
Added a few to my own page. I have about 115, or so. And I really really really need to reformat the other pages to pare them down. 'Everyone' will be split into at least two pages, lol. My count was 176, I believe. If anyone wants to inform me of the actual total, be my guest.

update 27.02.03; 9:05p
Updated at my love's request :3 Added a few to Mari-Bess's page, the "grown-up" page, the conglomerate, to my page, & I think that's it... Have fun.

update 29.12.02; 6:33p
Had some minor difficulties with uploading things again... Fixed it. You may now continue with your everyday lives. Also, 'nother Mibi quote.

update 28.12.02; 8:45p
I have updated between the last entry and now, really... ^^;; It just didn't get posted online. I was fairly surprised, actually. So... I added quotes to liz, mebe, everyone, and adults. The Mibi ones are pretty funny... I think they're my favourites ^^ Je pense j'ai fini. :D Also, before I forget, made a blurb in 'this month' so... drop on by.

update 27.9.02; 6:40p
I just finished changing bits on my little egocentric 'about me' page... But it's things my friends might want to know, so... Yeah. And what you've all been waiting for: two quotes on everyone, two on liz, and three for Mari-Bess. C'mon people... say stuff! ::flutters eyelashes:: Pleeeease? And chalk that up to another for adults. And thank you Emi for a delightful new quote... Hee hee.

update 1.9.02; 4:48p
Added three quotes... one in adults, one in everyone, and one in liz. Changed wording in a few places. Have fun now.

update 7.8.02; 10:11p
Obviously that wasn't a posting update. This will be, however, because of an error in linking that I made. Have fun now.

update 1.8.02; 4:27p
I added an Erika quote, and, at some point, a Mebe quote. Yay! 6_6 Anyway. I don't think this is going to be a posting update, but who knows. You'll find out, won't you?

update 25.6.02; 7:18a
I fixed a problem on Emi's page, and might be going for more on other pages as I see them. We'll find out. [edit.] There was more wrong with the coding on that page than I thought that was... ><;;; Oh well. Problem solved...? Would've been easier if I'd known before now which colour was the page colour and which was the non. :\

update 24.6.02; 1:22p
I finally did the something page. ::winks:: It's going to change often, in Liz time... Meaning yes, it will change a lot... Just not necessarily very fast. ::grins:: That's all for now, maybe more later... ::shrugs:: [edit.] I added three serious quotes because I knew where the were... More later.

update 30.5.02; 9:14p
Uh... I added three quotes. Two in liz quotes, one in "everyone" quotes. Have fun.

update 11.5.02; 6:43p
Is it a bad thing that I have negelected this site for so long? Nah. Anyway... all unnecessary files have been deleted ^~ On to business--added quotes to liz quotes, serious quotes, and to the"everyone" quotes. Isn't that lovely. The "something" page will be up soon, don't fret... *g* Ah... What else did I do... I added a serious quote page, so that I could post quotes that I admire, considering I didn't have one before. 6.6 And that's about it, I can always add something later, as my brain isn't functioning well right at the moment.

update 11.4.02; 9:40p
I have come to the stage where I'm reasonable certain that I can begin to delete pages for this site. Woohoo! I shall write more when I am quite done with the editing that I have to do of my files. ^^ And thus it is done! I shall be going through fixing crippling errors throughout the next half hour ^~

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