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Well there has been ALOT of changes in my life, and one of the most special things to have happened to me is to find the love of a man who treats me like the princess that i really am!!!  He gave me a promise ring, and sometime next year he'll be popping the question to me *once that happens, expect to see this page as a wedding announcement of our engagement and wedding plans. :-D
I must also mention that I have a livejournal, and for those who want to know about me and what is going on my crazy life, you can go there and read all about it!  Some of it is funny, some is sad, some is just plain boring, while most just doesn't make sense to anyone but myself hehe  I'm sorry but I digress and ramble!  If you read my LJ you'll figure that out as well.

Here's my Livejournal link...check it out if you're ever bored
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Hey there everyone! How ya doing?! My name is Toni, and I'm a 22 y/o female and i go to Monmouth University as a Math/Secondary Education....I have made it through almost a complete 4 years.  All that is left is student teaching and one more math class!  My time has flown on by.  In May I'll be graduating, and on my way to grad school and teaching Math in a High School somewhere.

Well let's see what can i tell you about me?! Well , my birthday is Dec. 11. I'm into sports...although i don't play any on teams...i know I'm so cool...but i do enjoy a bunch of them, especially soccer, personally i think it's the best sport! And i've recently become a big NASCAR fan.  My fav driver being Jamie McMurray and also Jimmie Johnson.  Well anythinhg else you wanna know you can just ask me by  IM'ing me on  AIM - Bubbles231211.
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