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      Hello and thank you for visiting my Tour page. I hope you will find it both informative and enjoyable as we share some of the more memorable moment's in the history of  greatest sporting event in the world.There will also be pages on statistics and interesting fact's, aswell as your chance to include any stories about Le Tour that you would like to share.And ofcourse when it comes time for the race itself I'll be here with all the latest results.So sit back and let me guide you through Le Tour de France.             
1.My Personal Page  
A short introduction to myself and the reason I compiled this site aswell as links to some of the best sites around.
All the stat's from Winner's to the unlucky men who almost made it plus lot's more.
2.David's Tour Stat's
Drop me a line and tell me what you think of my site or ask me a question.
4.The Great's           Five times winner's;Anquetil,Merckx,Hinault,Indurain,read their stories.
5.Tour Dictionary
A brief translation of some of the more unusual terms in cycling.
6. Results Service
All the results from the World of road cycling.