Adoption, A Baby to Love

Ted & Linda

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***Updated December 2005***
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Thank you for considering us in your search for adoptive parents.  We know you are trying to make the best possible plan for the future of your baby and yourself.  We admire your courage and strength as you make important choices.

Our names are Ted & Linda.  We have been happily married for over fifteen years and have three precious children: Amber, Ashlyn, and Trevor, who were all adopted at birth.  We have an enduring commitment to family and believe a large, loving family enriches a child's life.  It is our hope to share ourselves and our lives with one more give our children the lifelong blessing of brothers and sisters with strong family connections.

Texas is our home state and we live in a safe and pleasant neighborhood that has lots of young children.  Our home has an oversized, fenced backyard with a swing set, sandbox, and other outside toys.  The community has an excellent school system and we are quite close to both an elementary and middle school.  There is a great children's park nearby and all kinds of children's activities are available -- sports, gymnastics, music, dance, and Scouts to name a few.  It is a wonderful place to raise a family!

Ted is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). He has a pleasant personality and a good sense of humor.  Ted is a hard worker, level-headed and loyal to his family.  Sports, golf, travel, and reading are among his hobbies, but one of the biggest joys in his life is being a dad!  He gets tackled at the door every day after work and spends a lot of time taking the girls on bike rides or other activities. He is always ready to play with Trevor.  Ted is a very loving and dedicated dad.

Linda has an Associates Degree in Business and also worked in accounting related positions until Amber was born.  Since then she has cheerfully been a stay-at-home mom, sharing activities with Amber, Ashlyn, and now Trevor.  Linda will continue to be a stay-at-home mom.  Walks with the stroller, playing on the floor, blowing bubbles, and Gymboree classes will keep us busy!  Linda has an encouraging, supportive attitude and is a good listener.  Her many interests include reading, photography, flower gardening, and music.

Amber just turned thirteen years old.  Her personality is calm and thoughtful. She is very active in soccer and softball.  Also artistic and imaginative, she likes to draw and paint.  She is a wonderful big sister to Ashlyn and Trevor. Amber's other interests include bike riding, swimming, and skating.  She enjoys school and is in the seventh grade.  Amber is active in Baptist Sunday School and the church's youth group.


 Ashlyn is eight years old and a third grader.  A happy, talkative child, she has an easy going personality, with a smile for everyone. Her personality is kind and loving.  Ashlyn is a great sister!  She enjoys singing, sports and playing with Trevor.   She plays on both a soccer and softball team each Spring and Fall.  She also enjoys Sunday School, painting, and reading. 

Trevor is 18 months old.  He is quite the busy explorer, curious to learn about the world around him.  Trevor is a happy little guy, always smiling and laughing as he plays with his sisters and us.  He loves his musical toys, blocks and train.  He will be a fun big brother!       

The girls are very eager for another brother or sister to love!  Both of them are great sisters, always ready to play with Trevor.  They can't wait to cuddle and help take care of another new baby!  More games of peek-a-boo, songs, and reading nursery rhymes are among their many plans.          

Family means everything to us and the vision of four happy children growing up together is strong in our hearts.  We will cherish the first sweet smiles, the first wobbly steps, and all the special moments with this child, just as we have done with each of our children.   Both of us have enjoyed each stage of growth and look forward to those to come.  Ted is as comfortable with a bottle and a diaper as Linda is.  He can play a great game of hide and seek and is very surprised when he can't find anyone hiding in a desk drawer!  Linda is very nurturing and loves to teach -- watching a new little person grow and develop is so fascinating!  As a family we enjoy walks, bike riding, going to the playground, sports events, and just being home together.  We have visited Sea World and plan to visit many interesting places in the future.  We so look forward to sharing our lives with another one more little one!!

Holidays are very important to us.  Each Halloween we visit the Pumpkin Patch for wagon rides, the hay maze and of course picking out pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns!  For Valentine's Day we do arts and crafts.  Easter finds us up at dawn to hunt eggs then off to a gathering of all the extended family.  We go see fireworks each 4th of July.  Christmas is a time of Church activities, baking cookies, decorating the house and sharing special moments with family and friends.

Most of Linda's family - her mother & stepfather, an uncle & aunt, as well as cousins with young children live nearby. We have family get-togethers for birthdays and holidays, in addition to visits in between.  Linda's brother and his family live within driving distance.  We always spend time together at Christmas and whenever possible during the year.  His daughters occasionally spend a week with us and it is a lot of fun having the cousins together.

We are raising our children in a loving, stable home. We are Baptist and strive to teach our children Christian values. Ted and I are here to listen, understand and guide.  We give lots of hugs and individual time to everyone.  We want to give our children a happy childhood with memories to cherish and a secure base as they reach for their dreams.  We are financially secure and will encourage each of our children to complete their college education.

Both of us have the utmost respect for your decision.  If we are chosen, your baby  will be welcomed into our home and loved beyond measure.  He or she will have two sweet sisters and a brother to cherish and grow up with. He or she  will be told of his or her adoption at the right time, and will know that you unselfishly dedicated yourself to providing the best possible start in life...that you focused on the future with loving concern.  If you would like to write a letter to the baby sharing your feelings and backgrounds (along with pictures), we believe it will mean a great deal to the baby someday.  We would welcome this from anyone in the birthfamily.  We are willing to send pictures and updates to you during the years ahead. Thank you again for reading our letter.

Wishing you a peaceful heart,

Ted & Linda