More Pics & Info
Pictures of the Engine before it was stolen
Pictures as it was recovered on June 25, 2003
We purchased the car in 1994, in the DFW area from a high school student  Ever since then it's been my husband's "BABY".

Unfortunately, in 2002 she was taken from us in some very unfortunate circumstances.  In late 1999, we were in the process of getting a new home  so we decided to park her.  We ended up parking her at a relatives house who last year decided that she would get rid of the  car, of course without our consent.  Through the Sheriff's department's investigations it has come out that she actually sold the car. The Sheriff's department is currently handling the criminal charges involved in the theft of the vehicle by her.  The officer in charge is trying his hardest to track down our engine & transmission.   I'll keep you posted on what comes of all the charges, hopefully, we can get some type of restitution.

On June 25,2003 we received a letter from a tow yard.  An individual had the vehicle removed from his property.  It turns out our chevelle changed quite a few of hands in the past couple of months.  It was a very big shock seeing her.  Her front end, engine, tranny, rims, & even her shocks  were gone.  The interior was totaly trashed.  Radio, speakers, & an after market tach all gone, steering wheel & column broken.  It was a very bitter sweet moment.  Luckily, the next day we were able to recover the hood & fenders from the house of the person that had her towed.


Aug. 15, 2003 - We still haven't been able to get much work done, mustly just cleanup.  Right know we're just trying to figure out where to start.  What's funny is that my husband's other project car (an '86 Camaro) has completely been put on the back burner.  But that's to be expected this has always been his "Baby".  It's really hard to see her in her current conditon, but despite that nothing feels better than pulling into our driveway and seeing that rear-end, and knowing that she's back home with us.

Jan. 30,2004 - Well funds have been tight so we haven't been able to do any work on our "Baby"  We did however receive good news that a warrant was issued for the person responsible for her theft!!!! Yes, there is justice in the world!!!

Jan. 20,2006 - Well lack of time hasn't allowed us to do anything to our "Baby", but at least their may be hope we'll get some kind of compensation. The person has been arrested and is facing a felony conviction. YAY!!! There is justice, even if it is almost three years later. I'll keep everyone posted on what happens with the criminal case. Hopefully, we'll be able to start doing some work on our "Baby" this year. For now at least what's left of her is sound and safe in our garage.
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