Texas Keeshond Rescue & Railroad
Original Graphics & Artwork by ~Tink~

Texas Keeshond Rescue & Railroad


We are a group of volunteers who rescue Keeshonden across the State of Texas. We also railroad rescue Keeshonden and assist with railroads for other breeds, to other rescuers or qualified forever homes in other areas of the country. Rescue includes retrieving lost or abandoned Keeshonds from animal shelters, puppy mills and owner release situations. Our rescue Keeshonden stay with us long enough for us to ensure good health and even temperament. Individuals wishing to adopt one of our rescue Keeshonden complete an application for adoption, which includes personal reference checking, veterinary reference checking and a home visit.
Since Keeshonden are companion animals, most of our rescued Keeshonden are inside dogs and this is a primary consideration when considering a potential home.
We always need additional foster homes, so if you might be interested in helping to foster, please let us know. However, there is more to rescue than fostering!! We also welcome volunteers to help with transporting dogs from place to place, doing home visits for potential adoptive families, and doing "shelter watches" to alert us to keeshonds that could be in danger of being put to sleep.
Thank you for considering a rescued Keeshond.