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     My name is Chris Robinson and I would love to find a job as an Agricultural Science teacher.  I have had many experiences to help me learn about how our lives are impacted by agriculture.  My education has furthered my knowledge by allowing me to study the science of agriculture and how to teach it to others.  I have truly enjoyed my teaching experiences so far, and I look forward to continuing them for life. 

     I grew up in a small rural town in west Texas.  This, combined with having an Agricultural Science teacher as a father, has allowed me to experience the many parts of agriculture from its source.  Throughout my life I have had a passion for both learning new things, and sharing that knowledge with others.  The constantly changing field of agriculture gives me the chance to never stop learning.            

     In December of 2007 I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science-Teaching Option.  During my education I have been able to study many different fields of agriculture including plant, animal, and food science.  In addition to my degree, I also received my teaching certification in Secondary Agricultural Science and Technology (grades 6-12).  This degree and certification give me the opportunity to share with our future generations the foundations of our society. 

     I really enjoyed the teaching experience that I had while student teaching at Madisonville High School.  I had the opportunity to teach several different classes, deal with many different classroom situations, and even help train several Leadership Development Event teams.  Madisonville has a very successful FFA program, and I feel that this opportunity allowed me to learn from some of the best.   

     Agriculture is the perfect vehicle for the education of our children.  By spending more time with our students and having more hands on approaches to teaching, we can help any student regardless of ability.  Things learned in Agricultural Science classes will help the students in all other classes, and will prepare them in whatever path they choose for their life.  I look forward to having a life in which I can serve both my students and my community.

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