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Hi !!
My name is Ben.
I am a single, straight, white male.
I was born in a small country town called Moulton, Texas
It is 1/2 way between San Antonio and Houston on IH10,
near Schulenburg and Flatonia, Texas
Yes, a country boy, who after graduation, left to the big bright lights of
Houston, Texas to take a 3 month computer course.
After 5 years of mainframe operations and supervising, for the Frost
National Bank, I broke off and opened my first computer business.
First one was in Victoria, Texas, I named Automated Specialists
Second company I named Custom Computer Programming and Accounting,
which I kept open for about a year.
As I went in and out of many insurance companies, I began to change out
cd-roms, put in memory, change out floppy drives, add new harddrives, I
found out I could make more money doing computer hardware.
I bought a house in Kirby and fixed so many aspects of it by myself.
I am a Mr. Fix it lol. From carpenter, to carpet layer, to plumber, to
mechanic, the house became very nice.
On October 21, 1992, I stopped drinking, and I haven't had a sip since then.
This is my 12 year clean and sober.
I am approved State & Federal Correctional Facility AA, and NA volunteer.
Within 6 months in San Antonio, CCPA, did very well and I moved into
a larger office. Yes I had a reception room, with coffee bar.
After 2 years, I had house, nice boat, Toyota Camry, and custom chevy
Van. I went camping to Canyon Lake as much as I could.
I do love to camp, boat ride, swim, fish, dance. Love the 70s, 80s, 90s
rocknroll. I can't stand rap.
I started all 3 business from nothing.
I was picking up my two kids all the way from Pearland, Texas to San Antonio
and was tired of the drive so.......lol......
I opened another computer business, called Alpha One Computer Systems, in
the Sugarland, Texas area
Business was very good. I was now closer
to my two children. Michelle now 24, Brent 23.
I am a grandpa now and have 3 from Michelle, and I love them very much.
Here is my GrandKids Site with Pictures
Those days of hard work, are now over and I live in the Seabrook,
Shorearces, La Porte, Texas, coast. 25 miles east of Houston, Texas
25 miles north of Galveston.
I was married once, for 10 years, and had a live in relationship, for
another 10 years.
I am a single, 50 year old, white, sweet :), level headed gentleman,
living alone, right on the Texas coast..about 900 feet from the ocean water.
I love it here. I am kinda new to the area, so if your near drop me a line ok?
My life is very content and laid back with no baggage or loans to
pay off. I have no legal problems nor have I had any.
I am a semi-retired computer technician.
I am not gay.
I am a very straight male!!!
By no means, do I think I am I, Mr. Macho,
but I know I am a good man.
I do love children, the sunset on a pretty lake or here by the
I do have a romantic side to me. I think it is nice to get barefoot,
light some candles, and dance in the living room, very close and slow.
I tend to pamper my sweetheart, cook for her, and even take her shoes off,
and even fix ya a bubble bath sweetheart.(and not even get in :)
[unless asked ..lol]
I have not drank in over 12 years but I don't mind if others drink
and will even fix you a drink sugar.
I go to any club or function I desire. I especially like to dance
at the HOP.
I have never had a drug problem or messed with drugs.
I take no prescriptive pills.

What am I looking for?
Well I am sorry, this is just me...I prefer sweethearts that are
not over 5' 6" please?
I am not crazy about loud or bragging people.
I am really not a party animal, but I will go to parties when invited.
Relationship wise..
First, close, sweet, friendship, and giggles, dinning out over looking the
ocean, watching a sunset on the ocean or a pretty lake,
holding hands, then hopefully, love, with a long term relationship.
I think it is a shame not to share such a beautiful world with some one.

Yup, I like to snuggle and sit close and watch DVD movies.
Walk in movies ok too!
I am not picky, and very easy going.
I do have a video cam and a mic to chat live.
Yess! I am looking for a sweetheart as of November 17, 2004
Yes I do web sites for pay!!!.
Are you a Sugarpie? If so, click here to email me Please email me here
A picture of you would really be nice!
Here are a few more pictures of me
Thank you for visiting my site.

by txdude007
I sure need a sweetee in my life!

picture of me Ben TxDude007
Well it does get pretty warm down here on the coast :)

picture TxDude007
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What is sweeter then sugar?

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Why that's easy sugarpie!!
YOU !!

smile for me sugar!

Yes, I really am looking for a sugarpie.
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The above is very honest.

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