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Welcome to The X Files Sayanora Support Group. Check out New Addition.

June 8th, 2001

8 new fanfic stories archived! We are still in need of fanfics, so click on the "Submit" above and send your fic in today. C'mon, you know you want to! *lol.*

Be sure to check out the election also.

David's new movie "Evolution" came out today. Might wanna check that out!

Speaking of David, he will not be returning for Season 9, not even for cameos. Discuss your feelings about this at the Yahoo!Club.

More updates to come now, it's  summer time! And the summer season means fanfic reading season. :)

June 3rd

TXFSSG 2nd annual office election!

May 13

7 new stories have been added, check out the New Addition, they all are worth reading!

New banners and buttons have been made to link the site, take one and put it on your webpage to link us. Check out them out here.

"Essence" airs tonight, part 1 of the season finale! Come over to the Yahoo! Club to talk about the episode after it airs.

Love is the greatest sadness... Read Pale's Heart and Shoulders.

April fanfic challenge, Jezzi Beth's Mulder...I Have Something To Show You

We are desperately in need of new Reviewers. Email Dina for more infomation.

Topic of this week

The X-Files has been nominated for Best Network Television Series in the 27th Annual Saturn Awards which recognizes science fiction, fantasy and horror in film and television.


*Write* Write a fic about what you think will happen in the final 5 episodes. Post your entries at the fic club.

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This site is still not recovered from the tremondous crash. Please bear with the broken links for a while. We will try our best to fix them in the following week. ^^

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