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Hi! I'm TxGimGim

I have found the World Wide Web to be a most fascinating place, full of wonderful, friendly, loving people. An internet friend I have found once said, "I wonder if we saw each other first, before we got to know each other, if we would still be friends." Isn't there truth in that statement! How many times do we mentally evaluate a person before we get to know them. On the "net" we make friends from the inside out. So come on in and get to know me. Take a cruise through my site and learn what makes me happy. And if you find something that makes you happy, pass it on to a friend. You are all....
Welcome to my world!

In my world there are many passions. First I'd like to take you...

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My Family is my special Pride. Please...

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Having a long line of military history in my family, I would like to invite you to take a look at ...

A Tribute to our Sons

My interest in genealogy started a few years ago when my sister handed me a box of old photographs and documents and I became the "unofficial" family historian. With each document or photograph, there came a question. And with each answer, there came three more questions. I love digging through old records for the thrill of finding that one document that was a piece of my own personal history. Here you will find the trail of four families that, through time, became woven into one trail that is me. Perhaps you will recognize one of these families. Let's get together and compare notes.

A Look at the Past

Cycles and Babes

I consider imitation the purest form of flattery. If I have borrowed someone's art and you want credit for it, please send me an e-mail telling me so. Likewise, if you see something on my page that you fancy, you are welcome to it. However, the only thing here that is truly mine is the grandma and grandpa above.

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