Basic Info:
   My name is Liz, I'm married with four kids, and I live in Dallas, TX. I work in a vet clinic, and my hobbies are reading, writing, and spending time outdoors. For the many who have asked, I chose the name Harmony for a dog I had when I was young. She was my best friend from the age of 14 to 26. I named her after the Elton John song, because we were pretty good company. Silly, but true.

Pet Peeves:
   Racism, people who are cruel to anything weaker than they are, and guys who try to cyber me and can't even spell.

Words I Live By:
   Work hard, play hard, and love harder. Life is too short to do anything else, and in the end all you will have are the memories you made. Make them good ones.

Parting Thoughts:
   Love one another, be kind to each other, and if you can't be intelligent, at least be quiet.
Just little old me
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My Info:
Name: Liz  Wilcher
Email: just.liz@comcast.net