Thought that I would tell you a little about myself.  My name is Helon aka
TexasLadyBug.  I am a Native Texan,  born 61 years ago in Ft. Worth at
All Saints Hospital, to Ila Olene Fowler & James Ronald (Bill) Williams.         My Mom & Dad moved to Dallas when I was still a baby....then we moved    to Waco when my Dad got transferred there with his job.

I started school in Waco at North Waco Elementary.   When I was
in the 4th grade we moved back to Ft. Worth.....and I attended to Arlington   Heights Elementary,  Monnig Jr. High, and graduated from Arlington
Heights High School in 1958.   I had the usual childhood, dancing lessons,
Blue Birds, etc.

In 1960 I married a man that was in the Air Force and stationed at Carswell
AFB.  We were married for 18 years....had six (6) children,  four (4) girls &
two (2) boys.  We were sent to Topsham AFS, Maine and that was the
first time that I had ever been out of the state of Texas.  From there we
went to the Phillipine Islands,  then back to Minot, N.D.  We were sent to
Little Rock AFB.   In 1968 we were sent to Abilene, Tx to Dyess AFB.   In    1974 we were sent to Bentwaters RAF in England in & returned to the USA  in 1976.  In between times my husband also served some remote   tours of  duty in Alaska, Thailand, and Vietnam.   We were divorced in 1978.

In 1980 I met & married my present husband, Malcolm, we just celebrated    our 20 anniversary.  He and I are both history buffs and enjoy reading          about & exploring the different historical sites around this great state of        ours.  I like to read, sew, do counted cross stitch, cook, go camping, doing   ceramics and spending time with our 11 grandchildren. 

This page up-dated June 26th, 2001
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