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                  TOPS - Stands for  TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY
This is an international organization which was founded in 1948 by a lady
named Esther Manz for the purpose of losing weight sensibly, under your          doctors supervison and with the support of other people who are also trying      to  lose weight.   To learn more about TOPS and to locate a chapter near you    please visit the official TOPS Web site at: 

                     LOCAL AREA CHAPTERS

Brookhollow Christian Church        Brookhollow Christian Church
2310 S.Willis St - Abilene,Tx       2310 S.Willis St - Abilene,Tx
SS Rm - Westside door               Fellowship Hall
Thurs: 6:15 PM weigh-in             Tuesday 5:30 PM weigh-in
        7:00 PM meeting                      6:00 PM meeting

Highland Church of Christ           Trinity Church of the Nazarene
S.5th & Highland Ave-Abi,Tx         3302 State St - Abilene,Tx
Family Center                       Fellowship Hall
Thurs: 6:15 PM weigh-in             Friday  9:00 AM - weigh-in
        7:00 PM meeting                     10:00 AM - meeting

Some of my Favorites

TOPS CLUB, INC (Nat'l Headquarters)                               PROGRAM & CONTEST IDEAS
www.tops.org                                                                http://hometown.aol.com/bobbierae/Bobbies/MainPage.htm
  Topsi's Weightloss Website (Lots of good links)
www.oocities.org/~topsi                                                MOTIVATIONAL SITES
  Linda Doyle's Story

  Lighter Weighs Postcards

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   from her Lighter Weighs Post Office.

  Please do not take it from this page without  her permission.