Willie Gene Beard II -- Eighteen Years Blessed

Willie Gene Beard II
November 15, 1983 - April 20, 2001

Eighteen Years Blessed

Every time I think of you
I think of how much I`ve been blessed
Given such beautiful memories
Heart broken I stand with another brother
Taken away from me much too soon
Every time I think of you
Eternity slips on by,but my love will
Never fade,but grow ever stronger
Your life was too short on this earth and
Eons will you live in my heart
A piece of me has died with you as I
Remain here with Teresa and mikey left
Stinging,my eyes burn from the tears
But in GOD`S paradise I know you are
Loving arms surround you there,Angels
Every one,but I still wish I could feel you
So unfair is life so short with us
So unfair you are taken so very young
Every time I think of you
Dear Punkin I`m blessed for you were born

Copyright 2001 Estel Sowell