Monster Island, Texas Bearded Dragons High Quality red gold yellow healthy bearded dragon hatchlings for sale to bearded dragon owners in Houston, Texas.
Monster Island, Texas
High quality, healthy Bearded Dragons
Bettie, salmon phase morph bearded dragon babies for sale
Bettie, adult "gold x Sandfire" female direct from Sandfire Ranch
Salmon orange body with purple tiger highlights
Quality yellow gold bearded dragons in Houston Texas
Beardsley, 3 year old  male, almost patternless pale gold when fired-up
Monster Island Texas is commited to raising high quality, disease and parasite free outdoor raised Bearded Dragons. Our stock eats a vet-approved natural diet, with most food products grown organically on premesis or purchased from organic co-ops, homebred gut-loaded insects and only local cleanly raised frozen mice. Lizards of all ages are kept outdoors in secure set-ups, promoting superior UV exposure and nutrients found in natural soils which are otherwise either absent or oversupplemented in commercial feeds. Well-started hatchlings are available for local Houston area pick up only, no shipping. Holdback bearded dragons and non-breeder bearded dragons are also occasionally available. Screaming colors are only part of the consideration in purchasing a bearded dragon, with a healthy socialized lizard being the priority here at Monster Island, Texas.
Hatchlings 8/04 are priced $50 each. Contact us at
Wendy Browne 281.813.6823
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