Red River Cup 3


Red River Cup 3

Lawton, Oklahoma

Date: TBD, 2007


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2005 PPA North Team: Mike Chisum (C), Chris Enders, Rod Phillips, Gary Reed, Greg Sandlin, Terry Smith, James Taylor and Bob Nelson

2005 APA North Team: Danny Hoel (C), Donnie Halpain, Jimmy Van Buskirk, Jason Van Buskirk, David Chisum and Scott Schuler

2004 PPA North Team: Chris Enders (C), Terry Smith, Kendle Payne, Greg Sandlin, Gary Reed, Rod Phillips, Mike Chisum and Jody Kimble

2004 APA North Team: Danny Hoel (C), Mike Foster, Jimmy Van Buskirk, Jason Van Buskirk, Scott Schuler and James Taylor


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Red River Cup Teams

PPA South Captain

Jeff Smith

(Teams to be announced later)


PPA North Captain

Gary Reed

(Teams to be announced later)

The South Leads the Series (2-0)


APA South Team Captain

Ken Stanfill

(Teams to be announced later)


APA North Team Captain

Danny Hoel

(Teams to be announced later)

The APA Series is Tied (1-1)




2005 PPA South Team: Jeff Smith (C), Steve Tanton ,  Cliff Matthews, Mike Baldoza, Rainey Statum, Lee Messenger, Wade Sahmel and Joel Baker

 2005 APA South Team: Chance Marrett, James Kile, Trevor Lewin, Mike Huckaby, Neil Armstrong and Rob Martin

2004 PPA South Team: Jeff Smith (C), Cliff Matthews, Mark Portugal, Lee Messinger, David Lynch, Steve Armstrong, Steve Tanton and Wade Sahmel

2004 APA South Team: Adam Sahmel (C), Trevor Lewin, Mickey Delucca, Chance Marrett, Rob Martin and Mike Huckaby