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N64 Controller Specs 

Nintendo  Nintendo Standard Controller
N64 Controller A total of 10 buttons, plus an analog stick for real-time control. Includes a quick-action Z trigger on the bottom and L and R triggers on the shoulders of the controller. Expansion port for add-on accessories, such as controller/memory paks, and rumble paks. Available in 6 different colors. Gray, Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red.
Special Features: none

The basic control pattern for most games. It lets you easily access seven buttons with the right hand, and the 3D-Stick and the Z-Button with the left. The thumb control allows for fully analog movement, and the C-Buttons can work as view buttons, action buttons or even for movement/strafing (as in Turok).

The SNES-style control gives you access to both shoulder buttons  (L/R) and all six top buttons. The left hand uses the console-typical control pad (D-Pad) for movement and/or selection digital style. That means there are only absolutes, and no incremental movement is possible. Mostly used in classic arcade conversions and 2D fighting games.

This control pattern reduces the number of easily reachable buttons to two (L- and Z-Buttons), but it also allows for digital movement or strafing coupled with analog turning, pitch or motion. A similar solution would be the use of the C-Buttons instead of the D-Pad, but the right-handed Z/3D-Stick control creates more of a "trigger feeling." Used in Wild Choppers. 

The one-handed control scheme limits the number of buttons to one (the Z-Button), but it also allows analog control and keeps the right hand free for a secondary accessory. Although there are currently no plans to support this, it could be used in conjunction with a light gun, which would allow for movement, jumping and aiming/shooting at the same time.

Two controllers are needed for this innovative twist on the one-handed control. Each hand holds one controller and uses both Z-Buttons and both analog sticks. This way, the N64 can easily duplicate the dual stick control of complex tank arcade games and faithfully recreate double-control action titles such as Robotron. Used as an optional control scheme for Robotron X.
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