The "Killer Loop"

Snow Adventure 1 Shangri-La
Snow Adventure 2 "The Lake"
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The PLAN: Circumnavigate Lake Cle-Elum

We begin by going around the SOUTH end of Lake Cle-Elum

"These Ski-Do's are just so fast, they are hard to keep on the road"

SkiDude: "Hey! I can see my house from here"

(We look down at the I-90 valley)

We see Domerie Peak - Dirt Bike Territory Only!

Time to water the horses and get supplies for the big climb...

Soon it started getting  real tight!.... But that's how Hudson Likes it!

Who is this Masked Man? And why is he pointing his middle finger at the Photographer?

Ben "How Ya Doin'?"Ace Snowmobiler getting closer to the top

WebHead Jim HAS to stop for this Photo-Op!

SUCCESS! We make it to the top.

When you climb a little higher you can still see the group, right?

Proof that God loves Snowmobilers..

(Above is Lake Kachees, we're looking west.)

We see Mt. Stuart on the way down....

Omigod! The brakes stuck on!

(Back to "Reality"...Time to phone and check in....)

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