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My New Power
Judge and critize me all you want. I'll love you anyway, you over-opinionated fukker!
My body for years has been an example of gluttony and sloth. Now I feel it must be an example of pain and authority. I work myself to exhausion to build my body into that 'temple.' I break myself for that victory. When I can look in the mirror and see myself as a natural predator, I'll be ready to slow down.
When I hear thunder, I want to own it. When I see the power of the elements, I want to surpass them. I want to see your anger and destroy it. I want your fear to fuel me.
Know that if I were to strike you, you would never forget. Know that if I don't like you, we will meet. I will diffuse you or any other human without remorse.
My body will repel and frighten men. My body will attract all matter of women. But either sex is up for scrutinization. Those who know me will be the ones welcome to me. The  rest of you will only know me as Trouble.
I'm 21 years old and I live at home. I'm single, Ladies! Any takers? No? Piss off!
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Ha Ha, love and hate. To be full of bliss I must sedate.
Izzy is little. Izzy is great.
I was gonna write this as a poem, but my poems are weak. It's titled, For Your Eyes Only
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Talking to you makes me happy, missing you is cancerous. Life is amazing, but where's mine going? Stagnent, stale, and full of shit, my life is amiss. I only seem to care about you. Our distance is great, but not good. Talking to you is nice, but you mention other guys. My stomach drops like a cut elevator cord at the mention of every name. Sometimes I wish I was as immature as my friends. A life of excessive sloth and marijuana gluttony is easy. Living away from you makes me dehydrated for the cool liquid that is you.
Just a wookie. Not Chewbacca.
Remedial Love - it's a song without music
I once had a remedial love, remedial love.
You knew you were remedially loved, remedially loved.
This is a remedial love 'song' way overdue.
A remedial love 'song' just for you!
But I'm sorry for the remedial love I gave.
I was only a remedial love slave.
You deserved a powerful love fan.
All you got was a remedial love man.
I once had a remedial love, remedial love.
You knew you were remedially loved, remedially loved.
This is a remedial love 'song' way overdue.
A remedial love 'song' just for you!
The love you had for me was so true.
And all I had was remedial love for you.
Love is a four letter word we used to say.
But I paid it back the remedial way.
We broke up, and we felt real hurt.
And I'm still sorry I treated you like dirt.
I once had a remedial love, remedial love.
You knew you were remedially loved, remedially loved.
This is a remedial love 'song' way overdue.
A remedial love 'song' just for you!
Now we're friends again, and that's cool.
And I'm once again, a remedial love fool.
The thought of you and I puts a smile on my face.
But my heart only beats at a remedial love pace.
I really do care about you, don't get me wrong!
I had to tie up like that cause this is a remedial love 'song'!
Whenever You Want
GQ Wookie
Whenever you want, assume away.
Don't like condoms? That's okay!
You're just a weak human anyhow.
No smarter than a dog or cow.
If you don't think it's shallow, take a dive.
Take your white ass to Compton, then act jive.
You say you want to die, Nike says, "Just do it"
Don't just tell little lies, dramatize them a bit.
Whenever you want, gossip away.
Cheating on your spouse? That's okay!
You're just a sad being anywho.
No better than disease or poo.
You say, "If I ever see him again..", well go look!
'Borrow' some stuff and never return what you took.
Smoke some crack and neglect your chores.
Live out deviant fantasies with a nasty whore.
Whenever you want, swear away.
Only like pre-teens? That's okay!
You're just a lowly mortal anyway.
No holier than a priest or a gay.
Just live your life however you please.
We have sins like animals have fleas.
But be warned, we'll all be judged.
Maybe you should give goodness a nudge.
I'm like a GQ wookie, gimme your stash, lemme poke in your gash, and give up your cash! If you've got an axe wound, I'll hit it! If you want chron, let's split it. Cause ain't no wookies just like me. I'm a GQ wookie, O.G. Put my chest hair in corn rows, while I serrenade. And I hit my buggy bigg-itches like a can of Raid! I'm a GQ wookie, you gotta see. I'm a GQ wookie, get in the Millenium Falcon, G. If you got a biscuit, I got the gravy. I'll turn your short hairs wavy! I'm a Muvah Fuvcan GQ wookie! Fruck the Sesame Street monster that loves cookies!
Power of Suggestion
Light some incense and change your mind.
Close your eyes to love, hate isn't blind.
Take a walk in your realm or special place.
Teach yourself to live without the human race. Find a line and cross it hard.
Heal the wounds that left you scarred.
Don't be aware. Don't be afraid. Just be.
If you're ready, euthanize your family tree.
Ignore your future, and destroy your past.
Bring wraith to all, until you're the last.
Don't cope with the evils you've done.
Let your guilt and hate eat you to the bone. Nothing for you now but death. No way!
Your soul lives on with pain everyday.
You listened to me and paid the price.
I'm just suggestive, never helpful or nice.
Kris Kros will apprantly make you jump, jump.
Nothing of interest to say here!
What happened again?
What's the Void in me? Is it where my heart should be? Or is it that too over used? Hmm..  Maybe our souls know for sure.. But mine doesn't talk to me. I think it's still mad cause I gave it to a girl once. A fake girl. You like the way she is when you're not there. You meet and decide this isn't going to work. She's so fake that you can feel your soul telling Disappointment all about you. The Void is craving Disappointment. He also enjoys Lonliness and Self-Destruction. Pity likes to sneak into the Void, and he doesn't mind. But what if I mind? What if I do find the Void and shake him down? Will the Void go away? Will I be a happy person? Back to the girl.. She disagrees with the charges I've brought down upon her. She's sickened that what I would say she's fake. I give her specific examples. She denies them. The Void is licking his inky lips. My old confident and defender, Anger, comes into play. He backhands the girl while I watch, as if viewing a television. I can't stop my buddy anger once he's on! So I watch him savagely desecrate the girl. I feel bad for her, but can't help until Anger leaves. The Void, meanwhile is furious himself. He can't get any instant gratification or sustance when Anger is this vicious. I only watch the two yell as I sit helpless. Blindness now joins me.. He always follows Anger when it comes to my life.. Now it won't even look like a movie anymore. I'll just come to, out of no where.. Or maybe that's the Void? Who knows.. When I come to, my soul is standing over me. Staring into my eyes with his own disappoint and with a hint of parental wrath. Sometimes my soul scares me.. Sometimes the Void scares me.. But the combined power of Blindness and Anger, terrifies the hell out of me. I never found out what happened to the girl.. I just knew that the blood of our relationship was on my hands.
Crap I wrote a lot. Where's my award?
Or cash incentive?
What a guy. He pissed off two presidents, got caught in a hole, and still has time to DJ at weddings.. Saddam, you're a hard worker! Hippies could learn a lesson from Saddam!
Shamon! Hee-hee! Oww!  Go on, Girl!
Hippies Are Nasty
Drifter In The Dark by Ween
3 kinds of hurt. Pick your poison...
Hippy, you is so high, please settle down.
You dance like a fairy to feel the music.
Hippy, you're so nasty, I wanna hit you. You can't shower in a bottle of Petuli oil.
Hippy, you love protesting, come here!
Protect endangered animals, not cows.
Hippy, you're so liberal, go to Hell!
Fight the president, not the troops.
I Hate you, Hippy. Please kill yourself.
Do you ever walk alone? Like a drifter in the dark? Seeking out what isn't there? Looking lonely for a spark, from a girl who's all alone. Maybe she's a driftin' too, like a shadow in the night. Waiting just to meet me with you. And then perhaps in love you'll stay, or fall, and go your separate ways. Still searching for a spark, like a drifter in the dark.
Hurt is something that can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any way. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. The mighty three ways of pain. The worst thing about hurt to me is unintentional or miscommunicated emotional hurt. Physical hurt can be repaired usually. Spiritual pain is your fault. Emotions are bastards. Think about loving someone dearly, and they loving another. It hurts! Think about you loving them and they seem to start loving you in return, but then their real love has returned from journey with no found treasures and lore. It almost hurts more. Especially if you think you're healing the one you love, who loves someone else. The one you love is hurt by the one they love. You want to help the one you love. So you make yourself available so that you can nurture this creature you love more than yourself back from the graves of hurt. And during that process of healing, your love will return the emotion. Does this healing always work? NO! Is it worth trying? I say YES! Because at the end of the day, if you've failed, the emotional hurt is your fault. You can't be mad at your love for choosing the one they love over you. You can only try to suck it up and move on. Emotional hurt... It's an elastic bitch. Always ready to smack you down.
I'm gonna write a stupid rhyming thing...
My clock hates me, it squawks everyday.
I dunn let it long, the sound is gay.
Repetative beeping, my clock's a dick.
I'll hit snooze, to show I'm slick.
Ten minutes later, he starts his shit again.
What a loud jerk, he never lets me win.
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