Elvish Language Poetry Prize

Elvish Language Poetry Prize

Purpose: To encourage the production of more Elvish poetry!

A Little History: The Elvish Language Poetry Prize is now running for the fourth time. The first prize competition winners were announced in October 1995 and Helge Fauskanger won first prize that year. The second competition winners were announced in May, 1997 and David Salo won first prize. The third competition was announced at Evecon in January 1998 and the first prize winner was Arandil Elenion. The date of the fourth competition has not been decided yet, but it will be at a fantasy or science fiction convention probably in the next year or so. We have already received a number of entries, including one in Black Speech, yes, really!

In the past, the prizes have included various dragon statuettes, glow-in-the dark star charts, and small ornaments that you can wear on a chain or dangle from your mirror. First prize for the fourth competition will be a pewter cup with a stem in the shape of a dragon with red crystals set into it.

These are the rules for the Elvish Language Poetry Prize.

Suggested criteria for judging.


The winners will be voted on by secret ballot. Voters will be those who are subscribed to Tyalie Tyelellieva as well as those attending the convention where the prize will be given out. Vote sheets will be sent out and they can be returned by regular mail, or you can vote by email. The judge's decision is final.

How to submit a poem (or other text).
You can send it by snail mail, or electronic mail, whatever works for you. Also it helps to include a translation. And if it is in tengwar, or some other sort of calligraphy, it is easiest for me to obtain it in the form of a jpg or gif (if you are sending it electronically), or as artwork, through the mail, as an attachment to your email message. If that is difficult for you, contact me and we will figure out what electronic form is compatible for both of us.

I can be contacted:
By email at LisaStar@earthling.net. Please put the words "elvish" or "tyalie" in the subject line, because I get tons o' spam and I delete it without reading it, so I don't want to accidentally delete your message.

By snail mail at:
Lisa Star
P.O.Box 1001
Eugene, OR 97440 USA
or by unicorn (they always know where to find me).

Poetry Prize Booklets

These are provided to voters so that they can see each of the entries. They serve as a sort of souvenir, and allow the creation of what I most want to see--little books of Elvish Poetry. They are given free to attendees at the convention; to subscribers to TT and to anyone who enters the contest. There are never any left over after the voting so they become collecters' items. I have produced 3 of them so far.

Whatever my part in it, there is certainly now a huge increase in Elvish poetry as you may see on many sites on the internet and I am very, very happy about that.

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Tyalie Tyelellieva / LisaStar@earthling.net / August 2002

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