Welcome to Tyamja Concierge, where the savvy professional realize the key to success is delegation.  We offer a variety of time saving  services for busy professionals, or  the busy individual whom embrace the realization of having less stress and more time to enjoy life.

Our mission is simply to provide you with honest, prompt and exceptional services curtailed to your requirements, that consistently exceeds your expectations.

Whether you need a professional errand runner to take care of those ever so pesky errands, or a travel agent to plan a trip, or an event coordinator to plan a special event, or a personal shopper to purchase the perfect gift, consider it done with Tyamja Concierge. The benefits of utilizing us are endless!     Contact us today and gain more time tomorrow.

Our clients have the option of hourly service or choosing from one of our five Time Saver Plans, which is designed to save you money and  offer you the choice of a plan that best suit your professional and/or personal needs.

Looking for that special gift? Give the gift of time. Visit Gift of Time for information on special packages available for that special one.





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