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We also have a page under construction a page on our family and on Shaken Baby Syndrome, a crime that touched our family, and has made us stronger and more thankful for everything in life.

We enjoy many things. Ty is an avid hunter and fisher. We spend the summers usually gone every weekend, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, camping, or doing something outside. When the weather isnt so warm Ty is hunting or we are trying to stay active :) We love the outdoors, however I am a wimp and dont like camping in the cold and rain.

2006 - This year has been a good year for the most part. I lost my father in September and it has been a very hard time for me. I love my father so much and I miss him every day. The holidays have been very hard. I miss my daddy. I created a memorial page as well to pay tribute to this loving and strong man! Tribute to my daddy

I finally got the job I have been working toward at work for years. I really like it and am doing an awesome job ( as always :) I love getting out and meeting with my customers, particularly the military who is my largest customer base. I have a very large territory and will be traveling more in the Spring and Summer. I have South Eastern Washington, Southern Idaho and the Northeastern section of Oregon. Ty is enjoying his outside sales position with Bralco and he is doing an awesome job as well. He enjoys talking with his customers and driving all over...lol... Ty's territory is North of Seattle all the way up into Canada. All the kids are doing well and growing like weeds. I underwent surgery in November and am home recoving. All is well and healthy :) We look forward to a happier and healthier 2007 for all.

2005 - Big news for the year - I completed my studies at the University of Washington. Yippee :)) Our plans for the upcoming 2006 year: We are planning our trip to Yellowstone this summer! And Ty will make his trip to Montana again for Elk season. We want to get out and see more of the country. I like the hot weather, but Ty's not real crazy about it :) We are still in the process of adoption. Ty wants to legally adopt Kyle as his legal son, we have begun the process and hope to have it completed soon.

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