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To read my personal thoughts and feelings, you can go to LiveJournal and try to find me if you can.  But be warned, it's Friends only.  Ask my permission first if you, fellow LJ users, want to add me as a friend.  And there is no guarantee that I will let you add me.  Sorry, but I'm kinda picky nowadays.  But I have an open journal for scientific matters - Project Bulldog.  Please go there and we can have discussions.

+Envy of Angels+
A fansite for the series Namonakitori no Tobu Yoake Innocent Bird by Hirotaka Kisaragi.  Since April 2003.

+The Silent Part +
A fansite for Daniel Kessler of Interpol.  Since February 2004.

+Sarang Uler+
The fansite for Kaidoh Kaoru of Tennis no Oujisama.  Since October 24, 2003.  RIGHT NOW ON HIATUS.

A fansite for Akechi Kengo and Takato Youichi of the series Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo.  BL-inclined, just for some warnings.  Since February 22, 2003.

A fansite for Didz Hammond of The Cooper Temple Clause.  Since May 2003.

A fansite and  a tombstone for Shed Seven, one of the mightiest band there ever were on Earth.

Some specials
Empty no 1 -- a short comic inspired by Interpol's The New.
GetBackers random scans
Manics video caps

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Well mates, I'm still here.  I am still Tyas Palar, a twentysomething Manadonese/Javanese/Sundanese girl from Indonesia.  I am still having love affair with music, books, biology, evolution, genetics, history, Arthurian legends, anime, and manga.  I have graduated from Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Universitas Indonesia, on July 2004.  I currently have more than one jobs, a mixed blessings  -- a lab technician in a government-owned science board, a senior assistant at the Genetics Laboratory in UI, and a writer.  These past 2 years I've also been a freelance proofreader.

During the past few years, I have been moving from one site to another and yet another, as well as using freeserver (i.e. Geocities).  So, I've been creating a messy network of sites under my control and maintenance.  This page is to direct you to whichever site(s) you want to visit, some hasn't been  updated for God knows when, but perhaps they're still worth visiting.

Artwork by Tyas Palar (which is, me). Featuring Baruna and Gray from 'The Rainbow's End'.

+The Noble Book of Arthur+
+The Rainbow's End+

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