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   Hello! And Welcome to my page!
Hello all, and welcome to my page! My name is Stephen Adams. I'm a 16 year old Junior at WHS. I'm single, got an interest in ssum1 new lol... I have ICQ, my UIN is 76707504, my MSN Address(Also Email) is, So, look me up on ICQ, or email me, and we'll chat sometime.

the WHORES forever(luke, lil richard, chris hipps, tim hogg).. fuckoff!

Shoutouts: 1 to every1 so no one gets pissed!!

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Well, thats about it. Hope to see you all later, or to hear from you on ICQ, or from an Email.
   More About me
I like to play video games, watch TV and chat on the internet. I love watching Action/Adventure movies, comedy, Sci-Fi, and even the occasional romance movie ;).

Some of my favorite things are:

Movies: Dazed and Confused, Stand by me, Reign of Fire, SLC Punk!

TV Shows: Family Guy, Futurama, Aqua teen hunger force

Bands: The starting line, new found glory, trapt, something corporate, dashboard confessional, hoobastank, blink 182, brand new, the atari's, and three days grace