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Shaft The Man


Yo Blackplanet let me start by telling you about myself, I`m a complicated man...
Shaft The Man

Shaft The Man

...by day I major in computer sciences. By night I probe bad azz streets of Chicago and please the ladies every Monday Tuesday and every other Wednesday. My long-term goals are to take all of the "Man`s" money (Bill Gates {he`s The Man}) and have the King of the Middle East come to me for $$change$$. My short-termgoal is to graduate from college and hopefully land a job with Computer Company designing videogames. Programming and other things that are involved in computer software and hardware are also of interest to me. My hobbies are basically that of science and anything that has to do with the opposite sex.As you can see I`ve add some new things to my page,it keeps getting better and better.Keep a look out for the next page.CAN YOU DIG IT? guestbook.

Shaft The Man

Mondays it`s Lisa,Kim,LaToya,and Dawn Tuesdays its Tiffany and Pam and every other Wednesday its Amber,Kenya,Monee,and Kisha. If you want to party on Thursdays and Fridays you can make an appointment (you can use BP notes to make arrangements). Oh Yeah I`m looking for those sexy pics from CHI-TOWN"S AND BLACKPLANET finest ladies. So if you would like to make an appearance on this page leave your pic in my G Book, or send it to me in a note.

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Keep A Look out for my ride, When you see it in CHI-TOWN, It`s My Duty To Please That Booty

Shaft The Props

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Featuring  Shaft Page Cuties  SweetSexyBody, AmoreBC, Phat22, TruThickazz, and Beyonce24

The Now ask yourself -- Would ANY other Site have it`s own Screensaver for your PC? Download the Site Screensaver for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 or Windows ME. Featuring Blackplanet`s  SweetSexyBody, AmoreBC, Tru, Phat22 and Beyonce24I`m always looking for those sexy pics from BlackPlanet`s finest ladies. So if you would like to make a cameo in an upcoming Shaft screensaver, orif you`d like your own leave your pic in my G Book, or send it to me in a note.


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Roll with the Shaft Site, Download the Site To Go for Palm OS. Featuring Cameos by MissLyn1, Tru and AmoreBC. Coming Soon.



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