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A 31 year old guy, yes i am a homosexual. No i do not care what you or your religion say about it. Just let me be free to love who i love and don't put restrictions on it, love knows no boundaries!
Enjoy Life, Love, Happiness. When you're gone they're gone.
All the loved ones who pass on during my lifetime... I Love You! You'll always be in my heart!
Will you dance with me?
Video game of the month...
Game of the month:
  Well i'd have to say Final Fantasy XI, it's gotta be the most addicitve game on any console.
Always be good to the people you love. Honesty is always the best policy, Lying to the ones you love hurts both them and you. Take care of yourselves.To my new friends..... treat everyone with respect, the rest will usually work itself out.
someone you won't soon forget...
Some of my favorite music groups are
#1 Enigma
*the rest are in no specific order*
Everything but the girl, Delerium, Madonna, Beth Orton,
Aqua, Tracy Thorn, B*witched, Jai, Macy Gray,  Enya, B-Tribe, Tori Amos, Massive Attack, Bjork, Sophie Hawkins, Enrique Iglesias Remy Shand Dirty Vegas......... and so many others it's hard to go on!
I'm Eric,
  Welcome to my page, I'm just a normal gay person. I live in Maryland I am going to try to update the page as often as possible even though no one reads it.!
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My hair is shaved, Very very close. Sexy eh?
I recommend that Everyone of you make an effort to make sure the people you love know it. Don't waste time in telling everyone with silence. Let your loved ones know.. you never know when they will leave..
By the way to all my new friends, Stay cool and make sure you don't forget me!
Site Dedicated to my Grandfather... You are missed more than ever.
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