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Last Updated March 13th,2001
2 New Sets added!
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All graphic on this site are made by Tye Dye ButterFly Graphics
and are free to use on your home page as long as you link back to here.
Right now,There are 16 finished sets and one set of fonts.
Please keep in mind,all the graphics are watermarked,so please don't steal.
All I want is a link-back.

*~The Sets~*

    Purple Bubbles EverywhereTye Dye ButterFlys
    Glitter StarsRoses are Red
    Kick-Ass Chicks!Kick-Ass Chicks 2!!
    Fire Women Test For Echo
    Amethyst GlitterHer Beautiful Eyes
    The DarknessSweet Kisses In Febuary
    Rock N Roll Watch Out For Falling Daggers
    Purple Butterflies At Night Purple Butterflies At Night 2

*~The Fonts~*

Whisper's Fonts

In most sets,I'll add a personal note as to how
the set idea came about. Some very close people to me give me the ideas,
Or I made it because it reminds me of them.
To these people,I love ya all,and thanks!

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