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The Y-Files

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WELCOME...You have arrived at the official Y-Files Home Page.  The Y-Files consists of a group of writers who met on The Official X-Files Site and for their own personal amusement have created at role playing game where they solve FBI cases much like those seen on The X-Files.  

This site is a comprehensive overview of our world.  It is meant to give our agents, readers and interested applicants all the information they could ever want to know about our 'virtual reality' world.  

Home - You are here. A welcome to the Y-Files and recent news updates about
     our world and those that play in it. (see bottom of this page)

Introduction - Complete overview of the Y-Files history and information about 
     how to join out game.

Personnel Department - Instructions for applying to the Y-Files.

Active Agents - A list of all current agents, the cases they have worked, and 
      links to their personnel files.  

Consortium - The Y-Files have their own 'Consortium' which plague them on  
      many of their cases.  This page is much like the 'Active Agents' page, with
      brief profiles on its members.

Case Archives - Completed case files of the Y-Files presented in chronological

Instruction Manual - This page is dedicated to giving basic information on how to
      play the game, writing tips, and a few (but important)  rules our agents follow.
      A must read page for new and old agents alike.

The Sub-Basement - A link to our sister website maintain by S.A.C. Samantha
      Jaythree.  It is an interactive forum almost identical to TXF Forum, where the
      SACs have their offices, agents get together and have regular chats, write
      additional works of fiction, and just generally hang out. 

The Y-Files Recourse Center - S.A.C. Sara Zeuty has created a new recourse 
      center for the Agents and friends of The Y-Files.  It is so amazing, you trying    
      to describe it doesn't do it justice.  Be sure and check it out and leave Zeuty   
      so feedback, or she'll hurt you! 

*~*~* Y-Files News *~*~*

AGENT TOEWS TAKES BRIEF LEAVE OF ABSENCE -- Seems RL has some unexpected plans for your Web Mistress, so I will be unavailable for the better part of the next two weeks, but  I hope to be back ASAP. 

THE Y-FILES RECOURSE CENTER - - S.A.C. Sara Zeuty has created the definitive site for all Y-Files agents and friends.   It has bio's, writing recourse links, favorites scenes and almost anything else you can imagine.  The URL is:  www.dreamwater.com/saraz .

BIO UPDATES REQUESTED - - As part of the update, S.A.C. Elisheva A. Toews is requesting that all agents send her a report detailing all cases on which they have worked on.  Please email this to: elishevatoews@hotmail.com.

CONGRATULATIONS TO AGENT SPOOKYSTAR! - - Agent CJ Spookystar was recently promoted to the status of Assistant Special Agent in Charge!  Well done Agent.

CASE UPDATES - - 29 August 2000     #1Y15-7045: Sleeping Beauties

        Coming Soon:        

                                      1Y7-2408: That Damned Fence

                                      1Y12-2813: Children of Anubis

                                      1Y14-2983: Get Thee Behind Me


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All constructive feedback is graciously accepted.  elishevatoews@hotmail.com