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If you need to email me, I currently cannot check hotmail at school, so please send emails to the lycos account. not_this_word@lycos.com
If u do decide to send stuff to the hotmail account, be sure it's the new one, made_of_glass_24789@hotmail.com

New School Help Item: Click Here for a complete template for essays. I didn't go through the whole thing, but it looks pretty useful!

31705: Yay it's spring break!!! Added some new content to this page as well as fixed some more links.

31005: Updated links and stuff.

20705: Okay the school computer's being a piece of s**t, so you may notice that there is a link to promosquad posted on this page instead of on the links page. Just pretend that it's on the links page until I get a chance to fix it. It will still work the same way and all, it's just that I have it in the wrong place. But that doesn't affect you and you can still use that link.

20505: Explained where the rest of the site went (what i'm doing right now lol). See I deleted almost everything the other day in journalism, but I ran out of time to put what I did, so I'm saying what I did now. I'm gonna completely revamp my site. The links that are up still work, just fyi. And I added new bands to the links section as well as some updated links! I'm trying for regular updates again. Sorry it's been so long!!!

111804: I cleaned up some more of the site again and did some other stuff. I'll try to make a really big update soon. Graci.

111704: Cleaned up this page and the links section some. Checked links for broken links. Story of the Year's is messed up, but that's because I think the url changed and I can't remember it. Sorry.

111004: Added another new link.

102904: Added some new links again to the links section. G2G. Time for supper.

101404: Added some new links to the links section. That's about it right now.

100704: Well I know Kolath sucked. But it is five million times better now. Check it out. It actually seems more like a story now. The first part of the first chapter is up. Those little squigglies mean that it's not the end of the chapter, that there's more to it. BUt seriously it's a lot better now. Go check it out.

93004: I fixed darkened skye's back link today. I also got rid of August's entries on this page by the way (in case you hadn't noticed). Sorry there's not much updates. I can't seem to peel myself away from HM:BTN and FFIX. I got rehooked on them. I also started playing FFX the other day and actually enjoyed it. I've gotten quite a ways(sorta). Actually there would be more updates if I could just keep dialup up long enough to update or if I got a cdrw I could update them from school. Because all the new game stuffs on my computer at home.

92904: I fixed two broken links in the games section (the back link from hmawl and ac). The bell's about to ring so I don't have time to check the rest. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow morning or tomorrow at lunch. I dunno. Sometime or another. Still have way too much homework and stuff going on. Graci for your patience!

91104: Wow! I sure do have a lot more homework as a sophomore than I did as a fish. Anyways... Updates, updates. I know that's what you want. Okay. So I added entries for AC and HMAWL as well as the Animals section for HMAWL. I also got the box arts for the games section the same size. Sorry I didn't do more. I hate dial-up. So that's all ya get for today! Oh wait! One more thing! I'm finally getting around to getting affiliates today. And I added "discuss site" thingie.

90204: I added JS and Drowning Pool to the links section. I will be adding up a list of alt-codes (or uni-codes as some call them) maybe soon since those are neat. I think I right better stupid goofy stories than I can other kinds, so I might just do that instead. And I can practice spanish by putting them up in spanish and english since alt codes will let you do the little slash thingie above the e i a o and u and stuff. As well as this little thingie ~ above an n. Neat huh?