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Big Changes...

It's September 2006

Starting over. New place, new life. The best things are worth the effort.

September 2005...

Update: I'm back "out" in the BDSM scene, in a limited fashion. I've had the profile up for a few weeks (link below). In case you hadn't figured it out, I'm MsBlackheart now, no more TyGrrl. I'm interested in meeting a male submissive, for more than just play. I don't do casual. I'm pretty happy alone, and willing to wait for the right guy. First priority, if you're interested, is a near-fantatical love of BBW's, and ME in particular. I prefer someone local to the Memphis area, as I'm not considering relocation, but if you're willing to move heaven and earth to get here, go for it.

That's it for now, thanks for visiting. -Bev

Old News: I'm separated, and figuring out where it goes from here. It feels like I've been cut off from the world I knew and loved for seven or eight years. Well, because I have. I'm living alone in my little house with my Pomeranian, in a suburb of Memphis. Kinda screwed up while I figure out this divorce thing. I really, really loved my husband but I just can't fix other people and still stay sane myself.

No new pics. I'm uploading the most recent that my ego will allow:

I went kind of suburbanite for a while. It wasn't a good fit. Thank Divine my hair grew long again. I'm a lot more private, older and wiser, mellow, but still love to laugh. I've had a tough year, and if you're into gut-wrenching personal drama, stupidity, and anguish, read all about it:
Link Removed

It's not all fun and games. I'm looking for the old me. At least the good parts. If you find any, let me know. -Bev


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