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We've met the nicest British expats on the island, Peter Hemmings and his beloved, Pamela. Peter is quite an artist and specializes in fabulous paintings of our island. Visit the Gallery, his website. He has a weblog detailing his and Pam's exploits, as well as showing all his paintings, which you can purchase from him. He does quite lovely portraits of islanders as well as landscapes of well-known island landmarks. His weblog is a great resource for all of you out there who want to move to the island. His gallery HAS MOVED it is now located on Lithostroto. Check out his website to find the new location.

Visit the Korgialenios Museum in Argostoli when you're visiting the island. This wonderful museum has books (in English, Italian and Greek), maps, antique postcards, and most interesting of all... the history and folkways of the Kefallonites through the ages. It's a great resource to learn a lot about the island and its people.

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Kefalonia... Kefallonia... Cephalonia... Kefallinia... Cefalonia... Cephallonia... Kephalonia. Which spelling is correct? All of them! These are some of the unique variations the island's name is translated from the Greek. We use all the varieties here, as you will see...

This site is lovingly maintained and has been created by Kefallonites Andreas and Tammi, and is dedicated to all Kefallonites on-island and abroad...

If you wish to email us a link to your Kefallonian/Ithakian related or Ionian cultural related website, or, if you would like to write an article for this website, please email us. Submissions to add to our content are most welcome!

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- Satellite
- Panoramic
- Freelance Photos (ours & contributors)


- Greek/Ionian Music
- Books About Kefallonia, Greek cooking, Travel Guides, etc. that we recommend (we are an Amazon.com affiliate)
- Greek Needlework and Handicrafts
- Greek Language Links
- Greek Dance
- Greek Wine/Kefallonian Wine Info
- Theatre Information
- Shadow Puppet Theatre
- Greek Cooking Links (and family recipes)
- Traditional Ionian Dress
- Greek Orthodoxy


- Tammi's Work

- Chaos Theory in Action - Olympic Airways at Dawn
- Reflections on the Jewel of the Ionian
- The Cats of Kefallonia
- Cefalos and Aurora - The Kefallonian Myth


- Mary's Adventures on Kefallonia (British expatriate)


- The British Cemetery in Argostoli AND Drakoupoulata Village - by Roger Britton
- Bernard Owen's Site: Five In Search of Captain Corelli's Mandolin
- Chris Neal's Kefallonia Website/Poem


- Reflections of the Greek Soul - Greek Village Cafe


- By Sea
- Charters (air)
- Olympic Airways Athens/Kephalonia Timetable
- To/From Mainland by Ferry
- Full Size Map of the Island


- Including AgroTourism Information




- The Kefallonian Helmsman (Local News)
- THE WAY TO GO - Local Cefalonian News
- Local
- National (In English)
- Greek Radio (Live in Greek)
- Currency Converter
- Weather

HISTORY - Past and Present

- Lord Byron on Kefallinia
- Historic Background of the Kefallonians
- Mikis Theodorakis (Greek Composer)
- The Venetians on Cefalonia
- HMS Perseus links and information

CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN - Articles/Photos/Production

- The World of Captain Corelli
- Italian Memorial Info/Photos
- Relevant WWII Information/Links
- Translation of the Greek/Italian Massacre on Kefallonia book
- Corelli's Mandolin Production Info. Including Press Releases
- Captain Corelli's Mandolin Set Photos
- Captain-Corellis-Mandolin.com from Universal Studios



SPORTS/ACTIVITIES (do at your own risk!)- Updated 6/26/01

- Athens 2004 Olympics Official Site
- Beach Information
- Trekking, Extreme Sports, Parasailing/gliding, etc.
- Boating/Harbor Maps
- Yachting Info.
- Saltwater Fishing
- Walking/Trekking Tours
- Any Sport/Activity You Can Think Of!


- Aenos Wild Horse Project Information
- Mount Aenos
- caretta caretta Loggerhead turtles
- monachus monachus Kefalonian sea lions
- Cave Information
- Katavothres - Underground water phenomena
- THE BLONDIE PROJECT - Our Wild Horses are in Danger!


- Real Estate
- Expatriate Information
- Repatriating to the Island


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