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"They sound like angry angels tryin' 2 express their emotions with a mammoth sound. "
"I am so happy that Linkin Park didn't sell out."
This page is deadicated to LINKIN PARK - THE GODZ OF METAL~! they r by far the greatest band in da world!!! te first time i heard LP i didnt really like them cuz they were to heavy for my tastes but then i saw them on TRL so i knew that they were awesome cuz they made it on TRL!! my brother doesnt like LP. he listens to a buncha music ive never heard of b4. but i know that his music sucks a$$ because ive never seen them on mtv or the radio. IF YOU'VE NEVER HEARD A BAND'S SONG ON THE RADIO OR TRL THEN IT MUST SUCK!!! i thought LP sucked until i saw them on TRL, and now i realise that they r the best and heaviest band in da world!!
UPDATES FOR 4.10.03: just wanted to let every1 know that i'm gonna be addin a seciton for all of LPs lyrics really soon they are so deep PEACE!!!

UPDATES FOR 4.09.03:
i've been listenin to da new LP album NONSTOP playas. GOD its SO PHAT. da more i listen to it the more dat i think they are even more truly the GODZ OF METAL~!~!~!~!. ive never heard anything so heavy in my life!! i told this to my brother and he told me i was wrong and he played me some band called slayer but they sucked theyve never even been on TRL so i knew that once and for all LP trully is da GODZ OF METAL~!~!~!~! man you guys keep it legit and keep listenin to the LP just like me. hit me up sometime at my email and we'll chat about em. if anyones interested my AIM screename is DirtyNomadd5 if ya wanna talk about LP. BOOYAH!! PEACE!!!

UPDATES FOR 4.01.03:
word! i got da new LP album....its SO PHAT!!! here's some brief comments by some amazon-ians!!:

"Meteora is a very good CD. It has a lot more computer generated sounds and effects than Hybrid Theory"

"The songs are alot darker and heavier than Hybrid Theory."

"Linkin Park took their game to a new level with Meteora. The music is more polished, the lyrics are deeper, and the melodies grab you in big time. Listening to this album is an experience."

"well i gotta say this they get to the point!!! that's what makes them the best band. they just say what they feel inside and make it short and sweet."

"I'm so happy that Linkin Park didn't sell out"

"Linkin Park makes me Amazing and Shocking...May you say like this: Their song had not changed after "Hybrid theory" but if you are listen carefully, you can go to another rock world...It makes much fantastic sounds. Just good and great...Shout vocal makes your heart utmost beating..."Nobody's Listening" has atmosphere arabian world, you know. Watch out! Cobra can be winded your body! U~~~ It's horrible thinking, huh? Please be careful. Don't be shy about the cobra is loving you. Just feel rhytmn and non fiction."

"LP is doing very well with their OWN sound that they themselves have established."

UPDATES FOR 3.06.03:
sup playas! i'm back in da house!!!! i've been busy lately listin to a bncha new music i got, some pretty heavy stuff. i got the new disturbed, sum old korn, bizkit, all those awesome bands!!! funny story is that a friend o mine tried an get to play me sum death metle and after i listed to it i listed to some LP and realized that they were soooo much heavier than this death metle band i think they were called cannibal corpse but they werent even heavy at all but LP is!!!! oh and also LP will be cumin out wit a new album real soon!!! i'll keep you posted!!! PEACE!!!!!
I FOUND THESE ON AMAZON.COM. THEY ARE SO RIGHT ON!!! (the following were copied-and-pasted from listener reviews on they were not edited or changed whatsoever. i have lost all hope for the human race.)

Going strong with a mix of rock and rap, Linkin Park hits up all the marks. With this excellent mix comes incredibly composed beats. Probably one of the few bands that successfully mixed both elements of hardcore rock and rap.

One of the BEST highlights about this band in general is that they don't use ANY swear words at ALL. None, zero. Some people think that if an album features "rap" or "hip-hop" it has a reference to drug use... this is NOT true and Linkin Park doesn't mention anything about drugs.
Linkin Park decided to go with their own original, creative style, without the use swear words. Unlike some bands out there, like Limpbizkit, in which Fred Durst says the "F" word at least 12 times in the first 2 minutes of his new album.

Linkin Park is undoubtedly the best music group of all time. Every song is excellent (especially Crawling and Papercut.) If you are a hard rock fan, this is your ideal CD. Go and get it now.

This album is great, all the songs are amazing, you'll be hooked on Linkin Park after the first few minutes of listening to their songs.
Their style of rock will keep you on edge and asking for more. This abulm is.. Just perfect.
Sweet Lord! What a great cd!! I downloaded the whole album off of Napster about 2 months ago, and liked the cd so much that I went out and bought it today as well. I have been listening to it pretty much constantly ever since I've had it, and it never gets old. They mix the new metal sound with electronics and hard hitting bass, and then throw in 2 vocalists. By now, I'm sure you've heard "One Step Closer", their single off of the album, but any song could easily be the single. Every track is THAT good. I've let many of my friends hear it, and they have all loved it. So far, I know 6 of my friends bought it. I think that sooner or later, all of America is gonna be blasting Hybrid Theory from their stereos, because it has definate crossover potential. The best tracks (the cream of the crop, because just like I've said, they're all good) are "Papercut", "Points of Authority", "One Step Closer", and "Be Myself". I highly highly suggest this cd, as it ranks in the top 5 of my favorite cds-hard to do-I have around 600. Be sure you go and see them if they come to your town too....they're touring with Hed P.E. If you don't, you should have someone kick you in the eye.
Two rappers/singers, similar to 311 or Linea 77, a DJ/programmer who is fairly good, but needs to work on the programming, a drummer who doesn't suck, his beats are just fine by my standards and this is a high point, and then a guitarist/bassist who plays heavy, Filter-esque riffs to back up the rapping. This all adds up to a pretty unique band.
We are lucky to have to recieved a band like Linkin Park, as they fight for the same cause as I. And that is to put those corporate [persons] in thier places.I rated this album a 4 because the genere is not new, but they seem to bleed anti-corporate plus they are just paving the way for thier second effort. I expected this band to sound like every bit of limp bizkit, but "Papercut", "With You" and "Four Points of Authority" proved me wrong. These tracks alone is worth the now 13 (I paid 7) bucks.
This cd definately defines what rock is. All the songs are good, I can listen to it over 'n over and never get bored. I really reccommend getting this cd
This is the best cd ever! It has all the best songs on earth. I suggest you all buy it right now. It has my favorite song In The End #8. It is the best band and awsome djers,great singers and the best rapers. I think if there was a 100 star I would give it a 100!
One of the best bands out there, with original music & great lyrics. The entire cd is so good, I hardly ever skip over tracks. A must have!
I think this is the best CD I have ever listend too. I recomend this CD to anyone who likes good Rock Music but not just senseless screaming. Linkin Park is my favorite band. I think you would like them too
Linkin Park's new CD "Hybrid Theory" is all about rock.
10+ stars! This is the best CD to come out in years! I was starting to worry that the 90s and 2000s would be full of one hit wonders and boy bands. I bought this CD to listen to on a road trip and I found myself leaving it in the CD player the ENTIRE trip. Never before have I let a CD play 7 times and I still wanted more! This mix of heavy metal and hip-hop is innovative and intense, in both lyrics, composition, and sound. I cannot wait to see what this band does in the future. I truly believe this will be the next music genre! You MUST get this CD!!
This CD is definately the best I have heard from any band or group. It is rock, but not so hard that your house shakes when you listen to it. And it is also a fantastic album for a teen to have because it has no profanity. It is entirely clean, so parents should be glad to let their kids hear it. Listening to Linkin Park can help ease the mind and allow teens to vent their anger in a non-violent way. Just listening to the beats and the lyrics gives people the hope that their problems will eventually go away. I recommend this very highly. It was the #1 selling record of 2001, and it should remain that way for 2002 as well.
One of the most godly CDs one can buy. Linkin Park brings to you a completely amazing album. The reason why it's so damn good, is because the majority of the tracks could be deemed a single. Chester Bennington has such a melodic voice, much like Keenan James Maynard of TOOL and A Perfect Circle, which goes well with the rhymin' raps of emcee Mike Shinoda. DJ Mr. (Joe) Hahn is known to be one of the best scratchers out there. And of course, you can't have the rock in the band without guitarist Brad Delson and drummer Rob Bourdon. If you already have this CD, you'll be yearning for more Linkin Park.
The idiots that think this [is bad] just don't get it, what, are they 60 or something? You usually have to listen to it twice before you reliaze their real talent. If you notice some cons, just give them a break, they're young.
This is one of the gratest albums I've ever listened to.The music is a little complicated and the texts are so simple, but it gaves such a beauty to the hole performance! I'm charmed of the hole album
BOOOO yah, these songs rock n i never stopped listenin 2 them. Out of all my 40 cd's this one is DA best!! LP rocks the hill MAN! some of the tracks have their own personality n stories great job mike :)!!! Chester sings the slow part or mostly the chorus parts and mike is the rapper of this album. Papercut has the story of somebody feeling betrayed by the darkness and light and how this person facing the dark side and leaving the light side. One step closer bout somebody annoyin sum1 makin them sayin shut up n stuff :). With u is how ppl feels wen their crush or lovers n how u see tomorrow wit ur friends n family. Points of Authority bout the torture of love. Crawling is about looking at urself who is full of sins n crimes. Scared of urself eh? By myself, how they feel when they all alone n by themselves witout n e 1 on their side. Runaway.. now this song is about leafin their home and sick of their old ways. In the END! the most famous LP song.. mm.. bout how everything doesnt matter unless u didnt try ur best! keep up da kool songs! a place for my head is how ppl r sick of each other's actions n reactions. Forgotten is one of my fave.. bout a picture in your memory bring happiness n sadness. Cure 4 da itch is a song by da DJ, joe who make this kool sound effects n JUST plain KOOL music. last song of the album!! NOOOO! pushing me away is a song bout how ppl regret of their love life n stuff.. very kool n bout scarificin. THIS ALBUM BEATS ALL DA REST!
I absolutely LOVE this album. "Linkin Park" rocks the house without being overly profane and violent. The guitar will blow you away, and the lyrics are terrific. You cannot listen to this album without wanting to get up and dance; it is impossible. I first heard the song "Crawling" on [the radio at](My college). I loved it, but I didn't know who sang it. I heard somebody behind me make a smart-aleck comment that "Weezer" sang it, but I knew he was not telling the truth. Weezer is MUCH lighter than that. I finnally found out who sang it on the teen choice awards on [tv], and the next chance I got, I went out and bought the album. Go out and get it yourself. You won't regret it.
Thiz CD iz da bomb! I'm a rapper but my friend bought me this CD and now I've started 2 like rock 4 da first time! Their sound iz just so incredible! They sound like angry angels tryin' 2 express their emotions with a mammoth sound. Everyone should own this special item. If you're a rapper, prep, or country person this CD will surely turn u around!!!
This was one of those CDs that you buy because you like one or two songs and then you get it home and it's just amazing. At first listen it's the kind of music your parents call "noise", but then you start thinking "Hold the train there, buddy! Is that a melody I hear? Har-mun-ee? OH MY GOODNESS!! This is MUSIC!!" It's a great blend of thumping rhythm, sweet guitar licks, and vocals that just penetrate. An excellent addition to any music collection.
Limp-Bizkit, Pop, Crap. Things never to confuse HYBRID THEORY with. Fact of it is, it is about as original as the come. I can see where a few Pokemon geeks might take a glance at crawling and run, and I agree. However, when one actually listens to the cd they find out that it is very different. All the songs on the cd are very diverse and obviously took Linkin Park much time to produce. Not to mention the portion of songs you may consider, "rap" are not rap but rather more like flowing. You will never find lyrics from Hybrid Theory on a Master P or Ludacris cd(For those who aren't sure, those are rap cd's). Hybrid Theory hits hard and fast as a "Classic" cd that is very original. This cd a must buy and anyone who likes bands such as System Of A Down, Incubus, etc., will surely not be dissapointed.
First off Linkin Park sounds nothing like Limp Bizkit.They sound a lot like Papa Roach minus the cursing. Linkin has a great new sound that should be praised and after reading some of the reviews I wnet back and listent to the whole park album and thought "are they a bunch of fake hip-hoppers?" I answered myyself no. Everyone should listen to this SUPER-PHAT cd! ...
Every song on this CD is worthy of being a top ten song in the nation upon its release. This CD is not for wimps though, it is hard rock that sometimes verges on rap-rock and is sometimes categorized as metal. These categories sometimes contain bands with songs that are blatantly offensive and could be a bad influence on kids, but Linkin Park finds a way to maintain their untamed, invigorating music that is great for getting pumped up for a game, while not swearing nearly as much as other bands that they are paralleled to, such as Limp Bizkit.
Now picture yourself getting ready for a big game or match: football, lacrosse, wrestling, etc. You have your Linkin Park CD playing, and you hear the lyrics "now I'm one step closer to the edge, and I'm about to break!" along with hard rock music and a DJ who enhances most songs on the album. For me, this
gets the blood flowing, and makes me want to get out there in the game and play my hardest right there and then. I suggest buying this CD and trying this; you will be more excited to play for that game than you ever have been before!
I have had this cd 4 a year and i'm still not sick of it. It has great songs like "Papercut", "One Step Closer", "Points of Authority", "Crawling", "In the End", and "Place for my Head". All the other song rock too. "Cure for the itch" is all Mr Hand scratching alot. This cd is always on in my house. It never gets old and uh... go bye it!!!
This album is a great example of how many different styles can fuse together to make a unique style of music. First of all, this is a metal CD. Thrashing guitars and angst ridden chords provide a heavy sound, as well as Chester's haunting screams. Then, they throw some hip-hop elements at you, minus the ego and the repetitive, olbigatory swearing (I want to throw a thesaurus at these rappers). Great rhymes and superb samples. Then it has the catchy, almost pop, hooks, and electronica influences. This CD has great lyrics which I can identify with, and a huge serving of ANGST. A must have for any CD collection.
This band is the the tightest group i've ever heard. They mix, rap and rock, and do it well. Chester has an amazing voice, and Mike is one of the dopest rappers i've ever heard. All of there songs sound different, none are alike, which is DOPE. The album gives u a mixture of songs, alltogether...this CD is something you should buy, i was a HUGE fan of Hip hop, and loved 2Pac, but now this is all i listen to. There are amazing.
I bought this CD because I saw that Linkin Park was on Vampire Radio, and I like Goth music. I would say it isn't really that Gothic, but I like it anyway!
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