I'm Ty! And this is my webpage! Fear it!
This is mission control. And we welcome you to Ty's webpage. Here you'll find his art, exploits, strats, writings, projects...
and all sorts of other crazy stuff. So stay 
tuned to our frequency and become enlightened!
"I'm a badtz-ass space pilot! I'll take  you to the art page! Just click me or the text!"
Hey! It's the first update... Pathetic actually. But there's a Dong Hwan gif I made and a new piece inspired by some of my friends and the movie Over The Top. Exquisite. Hopefully I'll start to decorate the site with more of my own stuff. Although I do love Sanrio. Also there's a Goemon picture in the works. Stay tuned!
Added Goemon a while back and added a Kill Bill pic. Vol.2 was pretty good, but I wish there was a better fight at the end.
Put up an I-No picture. Should have been sketching for my sclupture final though...
Whew... Not too great at updating. Didn't
do to much over the summer. But today I touched up the main page a bit. Also, I move back into the dorms tomorrow.
DESTINATION: Personal Page
"MY NAME'S HANAMARU!! Sharp as a razor! Fly in my rocket! I'll take you the personal page and pimp lock it!"
Hey! Added a new Kunio avatar... sorta. Also added some pics for the links and put up my personal profile page!
DESTINATION: Exploits Page
"Yo! This is Kunio and Riki. Hitch a ride with us to get to the exploits page!"
I'm Dudley. Give me a reason, I SHOULDN'T be here, Gutter Trash. Mix it up with me to ride a Corkscrew Blow into the Video Games Page.
What up? It's me, T! Just a little update with some promises attached. Gonna add some art, some stories, and some FAQ's. Specifically for Dudley (3rd Strike), Hwoarang, Baek, and Roger (after T5 hits console), and a secret glitch in FF3us(6jp) that I'm pretty sure not too many peeps know about. So... See ya later!
DESTINATION: Video Games Page
Hooty hoo! Ty here just bringin up the date... or whatever. Happy April Fool's day. But this is not joke, I'm updatin' with some fresh rhymes in the video game page. Peace, homies!
Rock, rock on! T is startin' a Fighting Games Club on campus. For more info check out my phatty poster, or, like always, you can contact me at kunio@uwyo.edu.
Whoo! It's been a while. Anyways... Just adding a new section...
It's a game I'm developing. Keep checking back to see how it progresses.
Beyond the Veil Backup
Booya, sucka trash! Gettin' more sprites done.
Got back in the swing. No real update, just adding my old rpg that got lost.
Beyond the Veil Demo