Matilda Varminta Coon
It is me, Matilda Varminta. I am a raccoon.I am very young in this picture. But I am still cute! When I was two weeks old my treehouse was chainsawed down by a tree company. We all fell to the ground and I somehow cut my ear and broke my arm, you would say front leg. My momma coon took everyone but me. My new momma says it is because my coony momma was not sure that I was alive. After I landed on the ground the guy with the chainsaw wanted to cut me up in little pieces. Can you believe it. But I was saved and my new mom got me a week later. She is really wonderful and has taken good care of me. Not every one can handle a raccoon. We have forty teeth, twenty claws and a tail. We can cllimb sheer walls and have to touch everything. We are more curious than twenty cats. And we have opposable thumbs. Mom says this is not a good thing. It means I can open doors, drawers and anything I want to get into. Tupperware cannot stop me.

Nowadays I have a routine. I get up early in the morning with my mom and play while she gets ready for work. Then I get put in my playroom. If I am really quick I can usually climb into the couch before mom gets me and spend the day loose. I usually never leave the couch. I just like to put one over on mom. Then when she gets home from work I am out until she wants to go to bed. Then I spend the night in loose and sometimes in my playroom.  I have my pet carrier which I use as a portable den. Then I have a three story cat tower. I can barely wiggle through the slots to go up the inside. Gotta diet! I also have a toy that my food is in and a bowl of goodies and the best part is my bathtub. It is filled about a1/4 full of water and has floating boats and my rubber ducky. I love my rubber ducky. I wrestle it all the time. Mom got me a scratching post to climb up for my playroom also.

I have many coony cousins who have links to their pages in my links section.  My cousin Bitty has a link up and mom is gonna rewrite her story onto that page. You just gotta see her pictures. She is a cutie like me!!!! All my cousins are cuties!!!!!  See them all!
This is me at 3 years old. Mom says I am gorgeous!