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Tyler Symcox
Tyler Symcox MX RACER #579
Hey my name is Tyler Symcox.  My number is 579.  I'm age 15 and 5'10" I really love racing Motocross and ARENACROSS, I wish I could race everyday!  My bikes are KX 125 and 250 2strokes.

I raced the 2009 ARENACROSS WEST COAST SERIES Schoolboy Class 9th OA!

I won the 2008 125 2-stroke class at the Golden State North series ...Still like racing 2-strokes! 

Someday I hope to race for Team Green. My favorite riders:  Ryan Villotpoto, James Stewart, Tim Ferry, Travis Pastrana

I was happy to be one of the people to race the first ever
WineCountryMX at Infineon raceway on AMA weekend. Totaly Pro track almost 1 mile lap MX in the hills!   Looks like there is no 2009 Winecountry!

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Racing is an expensive sport and my sponsors have spent time and money because they believe in me. I will do my best to make them proud. If you are interested in becoming one of my sponsors please send me an e-mail indicating how you might be able to help.   Thanks again to all my sponsors!

My newest sponsor is EVS-Sports great safety gear I wish I had them before my broken wrist!

Tyler #579
Thanks for stoppin' by now let's go racin'!
579 Race update By Alan Symcox: Tyler finished racing the Golden State North 2nd in Supermini class! AND 1st Place for the 125 2-stroke!!! See

ARENACROSS 2009 Schoolboy class 9th for the series Running a 125cc stroke!
Factory 909
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Thanks to my Dad for the cool website!
EVS ____NEW SPONSER __Thanks!!
Sacramento AX 2004 Sat Nite Autograph
Party!  I signed 25 posters and let kids sit on my bike ( KX 65  Team Green Invitational)
Sorry to say that MOTOHAWAII is out of service for a while.  Jeff runs a really fun ride over there.  I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that things get back in business for him.  I would sure like to go back and ride more in a couple more years.
KX RM CR YZ MX GasGas CRF DRZ RMZ dirt supercross SX KTM
DeCal Works
2006 85 Novice Class
Practice bike in the back yard
E-street MX / Riverfront
My 2004 KX125

I race the 125 2 stroke class or Schoolboy or the Lites
MYSPACE page link
Golden State North Finals results