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Veto Nominations!!
Veto Nominations were held in the Big Brother House today. Amy did not use the power of Veto, so nominations have stayed the same. Who will go this week Roddy or Amy. Stayed tuned to see on Thursdays show.
America's Choice
Today was the day for another AMC, and the HG's received a SHOPPING SPREE. The house guests had a 90 second browse session followed by a 90 second grab session. The HG's had to have each item on their body somewhere before they could actually take it. Those who watched via the live feeds, felt they did ok and each HG got something that would make them happy!
There is an aqua-massage machine being installed in the backyard. Jason and Amy are called into the Diary Room. They have been told to wake everyone else up. [I do not know why so many are sleeping at 7:55PM] Roddy tells everyone he had a long, long Diary Room session today and they kept asking him questions about things that happened a long, long time ago. Both Amy and Jason took turns in the massager. [Both Powell and posters at Jokers say the massage is the result of Amy and Jason winning something during the POV contest.] It is a strange contraption. Lay on a table. Pull lid over. Water massages you.
Power Of Veto
The Power of Veto competition was held in the Big Brother House today and AMY has captured the coveted prize! For the first time this season, a nominated HG has received the power of Veto. Will she use it? Stay tuned!
I was surprised how little the HGs talked about nominations last night. Marc said he wanted the nominations to be on Saturday - and I wonder if BB will be that flexible. I have added five postings to yesterday's updates since sunrise.
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