Liv's own career has seemed to eclipse the fact that she is the daughter of Steven Tyler, lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith, She appeared in their "Crazy" video, which launched her career into film. Among her movie credits are Armageddon, Stealing Beauty and Lord of the Rings.

Liv Tyler seemed destined to be a star. As the love child of Steven Tyler and former top model Bebe Buell, Liv had the pedigree to be in the spotlight. What she would do it with it was up to her, but a wise decision in 1994 to appear in Aerosmith's video for "Crazy", alongside Alicia Silverstone, set the wheels of fame in motion.

Highlights of her career include "That Thing You Do", "Armageddon" and theh "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Pretty impressive indeed.

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