HTML is easy to learn!!!!

This is a project that is and has to be done before the end of the year. This is also my first html project. At the begining this sounded a if it would be hard to understand. After staring this project I felt better and didn't have any wories about doing this project. Any body can do this project. the only thing that might hold people backwould be not having a good computer. The teacher teaching this class is Mr Ferguson. The majority of his projects are alright and can easily be done. Throughout the year we had done many exciing projects that have caught my intrest. The one that caught my intrest the best was the rockets. Well the year is coming to an end and there will be no more projects to do for the summer. The exame is a practical which is on June 25 in the morning whichreall sucks because we have to get up early to study and get prepared for the exam

About this site!!!!

This is one of the projects that doesn't involve alot of hands on work. The only hands on work is your fingers hitting the keys. I don't know the outcome of this project but i'm asuming that the outcome will be good, and that people will visit my site and sen din the coments about this site and what I can do to improve the look of this iste. I will try and update my sie every two or three days depending on the amount of time I have Once I'm out of school I won't update this site because I will be Traviling and I won't have time.

Links to other sites!!!!

Some of the other links are to projects that we have done this year. The one that I have found most interesting is the mig welder. The reason that I found this to be the most interesting is because you don't have to reload the electrodes. The best fun for a couple of days was the rocket flights.
rocket torche Knee mill lathe

Overall Report On The Year!!!!

Overall the year was interesting and the exam should alright. The teacher taught the class alright and I understood most of what he asked us to do. All of the projects were alright and the majoity of them were fun and took alot of brainstorming. I hope that next year there will as many or more projects and their will be interesting. 1