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   Well, I've been meaning to get a page up about myself for about a year now figured it was time to do something about it.
Went to this years Ontario Z reunion in Kingston. I'll try to get pics up A.S.A.P.
Within the next few days look for info on upcoming big games at
Paintstorm and Smith Falls
Currently Looking for the following Paintball Items:

1.Air Power Vector

2.AGD 6 Pack

3.Lapco Spectre

4.Gotchya Deuce Double Gun
   The summer has finally arrived! It has been quite possibly the most grueling year of my life but I made it. Now that grade 11 is out of the way I have many plans for the summer. I'd like to team up with Bubba and Harley and get out to Commandos more often along with a few more car shows than I did last year. I will also be taking my yearly vacation to Kenauk (Quebec resort) within the next few days. I'll also try to be posting pictures of that Anyways, I wish all the classmates the best summer and I'll be seeing you all in about 2 months.