Tyler Jasen

Hello my name is Tyler Jasen. Welcome to my new home on the web. On my site you will find pictures and information about me and links to some of my favorite sites.

Shall we get started?

I am 2 years old but I will be 3 soon and I can't wait. I have Blonde hair and blue eyes. My nick name is "Bug", my nana gave me that name when I was very small and no one can remember why but I like it. I love to meet new people and make friends. My 2 best friends are Katie and Frankie. They are brother and sister. Katie is 9 and Frankie is 7. They come over and play with me almost every day. My favorite things are Lego's, I love listening to Reba McEntire and singing along, I'm just learning how to roller skate and ice skate and so far I am enjoying it, I like doing homework even though I don't go to school yet (mommy prints me out worksheets from the computer so I can be a big boy like Frank), and I love going to Nana's house. I have 2 cats named Jasmine and Gizmo. My favorite video's are my Teletubby and Blue's Clues ones and my favorite movie is Pinocchio. My favorite thing to eat is cereal and I love orange juice.

When I was just a little baby one of mommy's friends said I was so cute that mommy should enter me in a local pageant. Mommy had never thought about doing pageants before so she figured she'd give it a try. I was 2 weeks old at the time and I won 3rd place at a Sunburst regional. My first trophy and I was hooked!! After that pageant mommy put it aside and didn't think about it for a whole year. Sunburst soon came and did another regional here and I was crowned king. Then when I was 18 months there was local pageant for our annual Italian festival so mommy entered me and I won 1st runner up. Soon after that another pageant came to town, America's Most Beautiful Baby. Mommy entered me and I won every single category! I was so excited because they gave me a lot of trophy's and I really like trophy's. Pretty soon mommy and me were hooked. I loved the attention and mommy was so proud of me. We then went off to the national finals for AMBB and I won Prince, Most Photogenic and 1st runner up in sleepwear, funwear and beach baby. I had so much fun chasing all of the pretty girls around. Then we did another regional for Sunburst and I won best attire, prettiest smile, prettiest eyes and 1st runner up in beauty. And then we did the Italian Fest pageant again because it was so much fun and I won 1st runner up again. Another Trophy!! And last but not least we did a regional pageant for International Prince And Princess, I won the model division and 1st runner up in photogenic and beauty.

After all of these pageants were over mommy didn't know where to look for more so we decided to take a break. We heard news from a friend about a modeling agency that was coming to town to do open interviews and we decided to go. I loved it, they put me in front of a video camera and had me do all kinds of silly things. The camera man was so funny. When mommy called them to see how our interview went (mommy decided to give it a shot too) the lady on the phone said that they wanted both me and mommy. I was so proud of mommy and she was proud of me. We went for a photo shoot with them and you can see all of my pictures from my photo shoot in my photo album. I had so much fun and the man with the camera sure could make me laugh.

By this time I was looking for a stage to show off on and I told mommy I wanted to go in another pageant. So she decided to try the internet to see if she could find one to take me to. That's when mommy found photo contests. So we have been entering them for almost 2 months and I really like the prizes I have gotten. More Trophy's!!

Now coming up in March 2001 mommy and me are going to the NES Sweetheart pageant. I can't wait we are both really excited and hope to meet lots of you there.

I hope you enjoyed learning about me and that you'll come back and visit me often. I wish all of you the best of luck in all that you do and no matter what keep smiling.

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